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Football Story Is A Lot Of Things, But It’s All About Football


Football Story is an indie game that just launched a Kickstarter campaign. The game looks like a lot of fun, combining the pure joy of football with four distinct stories that show the real impact that football can have on our lives. At the time of writing the campaign has only just begun, but I can already see this being a project that gets way more than funded. Check out the trailer for the game below and read on for more details.



At the heart of Football Story are four distinct stories, each one involving a different character. With Lilu players will help her in her quest to earn enough money to buy a new washing machine, allowing her dad to go to work with clean clothes for once. With Rad, players will compete in sketchy junkyard football games, defending his brother and proving to the locals that he is the best around once and for all. Po’s story is a total mystery to me right now, but Adrian’s looks like it could follow the character as he works a dead end job to survive during the day, trying to achieve his goal of being a professional footballer in his spare time.


Football Story has a lot to it, if that wasn’t clear from the title of this article. The game has a core football mode, in which you can play against AI, other players in online multiplayer, or in local co-op. But the meat of the game, at least for me, is in the story mechanics and the world. There’s a fully realised town for players to explore in Football Story, and they’ll be able to take on quests, help people by accomplishing tasks that they didn’t know they needed doing, and making a very real impact on the game world. In this way, Football Story feels a lot like Stardew Valley, with other characters having more than one line of dialogue, and a daily routine that players will learn over the course of time.

Mad Skills


On top of all of this, there’s a skill progression system in Football Story. Players can train up the protagonists so that they’re better at a number of different things, all of which will have an impact on quests and the wider story. Taking this into the online multiplayer might be cause for concern, but I think the developers will be balancing the game to make the eight player matches as fair as possible.


Watching the actual football in Football Story in action, it looks to me like it could become a real esport, if someone were willing to fund a tournament. In games like FIFA there are only a couple of players on a team, but in Football Story you can have full teams of four facing off against one another, across all platforms as well! I think this would be pretty special to watch, particularly since this is an indie game. Let us know if you’d watch this esport, and what you think of the game, in the comments. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for yourself as well.

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