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Need For Speed Heat Is Just Like Old School Need For Speed Games


Recently I’ve seen a lot of hate for Need for Speed Heat because it apparently isn’t like old school Need for Speed games enough. However, when the features are listed off to me, I can’t see any that aren’t in the game. So as a result, here’s why Need for Speed Heat is just like an old School Need for Speed game.

Continue to Drive


One of the major sticking points for Need for Speed fans fans is that you apparently can’t continue to drive once you’ve finished a race. Whilst this is true of the races that are available during the day, the races at night, the ones that count, allow you to continue driving. Often this is essential because you’re being hunted down by a pack of cop cars, and the night races don’t alter the roads of Palm City at all.



You’re supposedly pretty stuck with customisation options in Need for Speed Heat, but once again I haven’t found this to be true. The range of options is astounding, and you can even download paint jobs that other players have thrown together, just in case you can’t be bothered to spend hours on your car, like me.

No Free-roaming


I don’t quite understand what some people mean when they say free-roaming, but I’ll tell you what I think it means. For me, free-roaming means that you can freely roam a game’s world when in or out of missions. This is exactly what you can do in Need for Speed Heat. Day or night, you can drive where you want to, and you can even fast travel during the day. Anyone saying you can’t hasn’t played the game, and is just making stuff up.

Offline Racing


I’ve played Need for Speed Heat both online with other players, and offline as a solo player. I’ve even played the game solo whilst logged in with others, just to try it out. But my point here really is that I played offline, as can everyone else. I’ve been told this is impossible by people who don’t think the game is like other Need for Speed games, but it’s just not true.

Wrap It Up

To wrap all this up nicely, I just want you to consider what Iv’e said, and then really think about whether Need for Speed Heat is like the older Need for Speed games. Based on what I’ve been told, it definitely is, but I’ll let you be the judge based on some words from someone who has actually played the game.

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  • andrewsqual

    If old school NFS games ran on an utter garbage game engine like Frostbite then yes, yes you are correct. Fortunately they did not, especially the, now dead (RIP), Criterion Games NFS games.