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Facebook Steals Toast From Twitch

Facebook Gaming DisguisedToast

Big news has hit the world of game streaming in recent days. Facebook has signed one of the most famous streamers on the planet, to stream his games exclusively with them. Jeremy Wang, who is better known in the gaming world as Disguised Toast, left streaming platform Twitch, to make the move.

The announcement of the move came on 22 November so it’s early days in the new partnership. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Who is Disguised Toast?

So, just who is this young guy from Canada who is at the centre of this news? Jeremy Wang, in the form of alter ego Disguised Toast, is one of the most famous faces out there, when it comes to the streaming of gaming content.

The 28-year-old has two separate YouTube channels. One of them is dedicated solely to his “Hearthstone” play. This is the play for which he is most famous. It’s a big part of what has led to him becoming a media personality. In addition to his YouTube content, and his time spent with Twitch, Wang is also a member of Offline TV, a group of content creators that live together in California.

Wang had well over 1 million followers on Twitch, and has more than 950,000 YouTube subscribers. It’s hardly surprising that Facebook wanted to grab a piece of the action.

The attraction of Wang

Wang has come a long way since he first streamed his game play, back in 2015. In those early days he hid his identity behind a mask of toast and sunglasses. After accidentally revealing his true identity, Wang has become even more famous.

This fame is what attracted Facebook, and convinced the platform to sign Wang. The social media giant was not the only platform eager to stream Wang’s play. However, Wang decided to take the offer, for an undisclosed sum, as he believes that Facebook has the most potential in the gaming live stream environment.

Wang has taken to Twitter and spoken excitedly about this new chapter in his life. It seems as though he is just as attracted to the Facebook team as they are to him.

Is Wang right about Facebook?

Wang has moved from one of the biggest names in gaming platforms to one that he feels is set to have a massive influence. Is he right about Facebook?

In truth, there are several front runners for live streamed environments. They include live casino operators like NetEnt and gaming live stream specialists like HitBox and YouTube Gaming. There is so much competition that it’s impossible to predict the future. However, on the face of it, the relationship between Wang and Facebook seems to be a positive move for both parties.

Exclusive live streaming of Disguised Toast games on Facebook

The deal means that all streaming of Disguised Toast gameplay must now take place on Facebook. Although, his videos can still appear on other platforms, such as Offline TV. There is no doubt that the move is a huge loss for Twitch and a massive gain for Facebook. Disguised Toast is without doubt the biggest gaming live streaming name who has agreed a deal with the platform. Making the move to Facebook involves some risk for Jeremy Wang but it seems as though he thinks it’s a risk worth taking.

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