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The Game Awards To Show Off 10 New Games

Game Awards

The Game Awards seem to be becoming a bigger deal year on year. This time around host and producer Geoff Keighley said in a Reddit post the show will have 10 new game reveals which is pretty exciting. Although we expect some of them to already have been leaked or perhaps DLC for existing games. But we hope we’re wrong and its 10 brand spanking new games!

Keighley said’ “We have a bunch of brand new games being announced at the show–I think there are around 10 new games/projects being revealed if you want to count the things that no one has heard about yet,”

Riot Games and various other developers have released a bunch of cryptic tweets so speculation is rife on what these 10 games could be. If they are games that have been unannounced so far then it’s really anyone’s guess, but until then we’re taking that figure with a grain of salt.

Those expecting a reveal of Resident Evil 3 however may need to wait until JumpFesta on the 22nd December to see more.

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