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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #3 – Concrete Genie Holiday Brush Design Pack


PowerupGaming Christmas Crackers is a series about Christmas games, DLC, or in-game content. So far we’ve looked at Feastivus in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville, and some new pyjamas in Two Point Hospital. In this article we’re diving into the Christmas content for a very special game, Concrete Genie.

Concrete Genie


Concrete Genie is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it’s beautiful. The game’s core focus is bringing the town of Denska back to life as the protagonist, Ash. Players will help Ash avoid bullies as he navigates the town and brings it back to life using Living Paint, and it’s compatible with PlayStation VR too! By painting the streets and restoring them, players are also removing the pollution that has been clogging up the town’s atmosphere, sending a powerful message to everyone about the world we live in.

By painting whatever they want, players can bring Genies to life, and they’ll come to their aid. These Genies can help Ash overcome obstacles, but they’re also really handy when faced with enemies, which are pretty frequent in the polluted town.

Holiday Brush Design Pack


For Christmas developers Pixelopus are adding a Holiday Brush Design Pack to Concrete Genie for free. The pack is live right now in the game, and anyone who already owns the game can download it for free, but what does it do?

Once downloaded, players can use the festive pack in either existing games, or a new game. They’ll find an option to turn the brushes on or off in the menu, but really who wouldn’t want them on all the time? The town can now be properly decorated for Christmas, just like every small town is in real life.

This is another small in-game addition, but unlike the one we saw for Two Point Hospital, I think it adds a lot more content to Concrete Genie that you’d initially think. The brushes are available for the entire game, and they can be played in VR, so effectively this is a Christmas package that spans multiple platforms, and it’s totally free. I love the idea of painting an entire town with Christmas art so much that I’m considering buying the game just to try it out, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did the same.

As a free addition to one of the most stunning games of 2019, the Holiday Brush Design Pack is a lovely addition to the range of Christmas gaming content out there this year.

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