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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #8 – Apline Unrest In Generation Zero

Alpine Unrest is the first piece of DLC that’s been released for Generazion Zero, a survival game all about staying out of the way of hordes of murderous machines. The DLC has released just in time for Christmas, which makes it just relevant enough to include in our Christmas Cracker feature series! I have to make it really clear that this is a sizeable expansion to the game, much more than a simple in-game event, so let’s dive in and check out what’s in Alpine Unrest. View the DLC’s trailer below and read on for more details.

A Whole new World

Alpine Unrest adds a brand new island to Generation Zero’s already extensive map. The island of Himfjäll is where Alpine Unrest is set, which was the site of a ski resort before the machines came along and killed everyone. There are several new key locations across the island, perfect for those of you who, like me, enjoy sneaking around and exploring the nooks and crannies of every inch of the game. In amongst the new locations are some brand new weapons and items to collect and use against the machines, as well as some missions that should help push your time in the game along a few dozen hours.

The story of Generation Zero also continues in Alpine Unrest. For the first time players will be working with other survivors, who up until now have simply come in the form of notes and old audio records. However, alongside these new allies come some new enemies, the Apocalypse Class. If you’re unfamiliar with the enemy class system in Generation Zero, this is a new class that is harder than all the rest, and just their name makes me panic. Apparently there are flamethrowers and biochemical weapons to compete with from these enemies, so everyone needs to watch out a little more now.


Of course, with a new DLC comes new achievements, collectibles, cosmetics, and weapons. There are two new guns in Alpine Unrest, the KVM 59 Machine Gun, and the KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon. Both of these should be sufficient to fight back against the new Apocalypse Class of enemy, but who knows if they’ll be of that much use when the really big machines start to show up?

I know that this DLC is pretty far from Christmas themed, but one thing I can promise is snow. There is a lot of snow, and a ski resort, which is something some people do at Christmas isn’t it? With those two flimsy links to Christmas, you could justify playing a few hours of Alpine Unrest on the 25th of December, but really this is a DLC that’s going to take a dozen or so hours to really sink your teeth into.

Here at PowerupGaming we’re looking at all kinds of Christmas games, DLC, and in-game events. If you want to find out about some more of our Christmas Crackers, why not check out our pieces on Feastivus, Holiday Scorched, Christmas pyjamas, that game about being Jesus, holiday brushes in Concrete Genie, Winter Wonderland in Overwatch, or the Chivalry and Dying Light crossover event? Let us know if you’ve got any festive games or in-game content that you’re enjoying this year.

One final note. The developers of Generation Zero have been extremely kind to us and sent a review code for the main game and the DLC. We will be working on these reviews over the next couple of weeks, starting with the DLC, so keep an eye out for those if you like the idea of this game.

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