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The Otterman Empire Is Bananas

The Otterman is a game that is so bonkers I’m not sure you’ll believe me. The game has both single player and multiplayer, and it looks to play a little like Splatoon 2, though there are so many differences between the two that they’re barely comparable. For now, check out the trailer below, and read on for some more coherent thoughts and details.

Single Player


There’s a story in The Otterman Empire for sure, and it’s the core of that single player campaign I mentioned. The indie game has a series of solo missions that will take place on planets throughout The Otterman Empire, and see you meet and play as a cast of varied characters made up from all kinds of animals. Each otter, and non-otter character, is fully customisable, and can be taken into any match in this game that seeks to bridge the gap between party games and shooters.



The multiplayer seems to be where the core of The Otterman Empire is at, and I’ll explain the mechanics of each match and mission here. Two teams battle it out in every two minute match for supremacy over one of the planets in The Otterman Empire. There are a range of weapons across each character, as well as unique abilities to pick up and use within every map. Every character has a jetpack, making traversal pretty easy as you fly around the place, but the characters are also pretty agile in themselves. As otters, and various forms of aquatic life, characters can dive into the water around every map and swim through it, just like the characters in Splatoon 2 can do with ink. This isn’t just handy, it’s essential, because players need to keep their water levels up, or they’ll die.

Every match has a different objective, and these should keep the game pretty fresh. I can see this being just like another Overwatch, or Splatoon 2 since I keep mentioning it. It looks like there will be enough replayability value that the game will easily adopt a loyal fanbase. It helps that multiplayer matches can be online or local in split screen, something that is dying out in games today.

There’s not much more information about The Otterman Empire, but it’s worth a look at the official site if you’re interested. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available closer to the game’s 2020 launch on Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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