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5 Ways To Make Money From Your Love Of Gaming

If you are serious about your gaming, then you would no doubt enjoy the prospect of earning money through it. With gaming being a major industry that does not look like slowing in terms of growth, there are opportunities out there to carve your own niche and earn some decent money.

Whether you want to be in the background and will enjoy working around existing games, or you want to be a part of the industry, there are jobs for you.

Launch Your Own Gaming Server

Bringing people into your corner of the gaming world by hosting and managing your own gaming server may be an option that you may want to look into to make some money. It may take some time to build up your network of users who will all pay you a monthly subscription, and, with the tough competition, you will need to do be good at what you are doing.

There will be things that you need to consider such as Web hosting, domain registration, finding an IT Support Partner, building the server, and then promoting yourself across a variety of platforms. It may be tough to crack, but with the booming gaming industry, there are definitely going to be plenty of users out there.

Running Your Own Gaming Blog

Blogs are a great way of making money off your passions. If you have lots to say on a topic and can say it in a way that readers will want to hear, then blogging may well be for you. For gaming, the two main avenues that you could go down would be reviewing games and tech and providing tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

Blogs are easy to set up and you can use a service such as WordPress, Blogger or Wix which will allow you to use themes are templates to get a design that looks great. You’ll need to create content often, and use social media to ensure it gets a wider reach.

When you have adequate readership, you can start to monetize your blog. This can be done through the use of affiliate links in your content. You will earn from every affiliate sale that you generate. You need to know what you are targetting and at who. It is possible to achieve a reasonable full-time income by doing this, but you will need to be hitting a lot of different readers each day in order to fully benefit from this.

You can also use ads on your page to generate an income. These ads again will pay you when someone clicks through them. You could also provide reviews of games and products in exchange for freebies. If your content is good, you could offer subscription services or paid content on your site too.

Game Design

Gaming developers are the film directors of the modern era. You’ll need a great deal of technical skill and creativity in order to make it in this industry. The best way to develop these skills is to start trying to create games in your own home. Learning as you go, try and develop simple games and build up from there.

Video game design is so big these days that universities and colleges now have entire departments that are centered around the subject. If you are serious about breaking into this market, studying will help you. You will also gain insight into the industry and start to make connections that could be useful as you progress.

Pro Gamer

If game developers are the film directors of our time, pro gamers are the rock stars. With eSports growing in popularity, there are some serious prizes that can be won. You may well become a millionaire because of your skill in one game.

Of course, competition is high and you do need to be the best of the best to get anywhere in eSports, but many winners have been found in the most unlikely of places, so you never know!

Game Retailer

Of course, when it comes to buying games you will trust the guy in the video game store. It may not be the most glamorous role in the world, but the staff in video game stores are passionate and provide a valuable service. It’s a great way of working with products that you love and getting to deal with the kind of people that you enjoy being around who are passionate about the same thing. Many retailers offer progression programs so managing your own store is generally achievable with a couple of years experience.

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