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Out There: Oceans Of Time Is A Game About Being Human


Out There: Oceans of Time is an indie game that puts players into the shoes of some humans in an all-too advanced universe. Humanity are the minority in this game, and that’s why they’re given the worst jobs out of the stinking pile of bad jobs. In this case, a group of humans were supposed to be transporting the universe’s greatest evil, Argon, a being of pure hate that could threaten life and existence for everyone, and everything.


Of course, being human, you let it escape.

Players spend the rest of the game chasing after said evil, trying to recapture it so that they can get it to the prison it was destined for. Amongst the crew are bounty hunters, misfits, cowards, and explorers, all of whom will come in handy, maybe, when trying to capture this great evil once more. Check out the trailer for the game below and read on for more details.

The Rise of the Sequel

If you weren’t aware, this game is actually a sequel to Out There, the previous game developed by Mi Clos Studio. With the sequel the universe has been changed quite a bit, and some new elements added in to make the game more enjoyable for both fans of the original, and newcomers. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a sequel, it’s a standalone title that you can easily get on board with.

The game features a vast 3D universe that players will explore for hours on end. Apparently the universe is different in each playthrough, which sounds like there’s some randomness to the elements that generate it. Throughout the game players will encounter new races, and learn to talk to them, act diplomatically with them, and even trade with them, building up a crew of useful individuals who will help them travel further in the game. However, you can’t just keep on recruiting new crew members, so players will need to get used to hiring and firing on random worlds as they go.


The ship players start with isn’t the one they’re stuck with forever. New ships can be salvaged and commandeered, allowing for new crew and customisation options. Better ships are needed, since crews will be exploring ancient civilisations, derelict ships, and strange new worlds. There’s an element of resource management to Out There: Oceans of Time, and players will need to keep on top of what they have if they want their crew to live.

The game has a branching narrative with multiple endings, which are determined through the player’s actions in their playthrough. the game uses some phenomenal artwork to tell its stories, and players may find themselves staring at the beautiful renditions of space just for fun. Out There: Oceans of Time is due for release next year, but you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

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