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Capcom Inviting Fans To Test An Unannounced Game

Capcom has invited the members of their Ambassador program to ‘test a currently announced project’. They did the same thing a little while ago and many of us suspected the Ambassadors were testing the then unannounced Resident Evil 3 remake, or possibly the full version of whatever Project Resistance was going to be.

But now things have changed. Resident Evil 3 is announced and coming April in 2020, and Project Resistance is its multiplayer component. This means that the game being tested is still a mystery, but there are some possible contenders:


Resident Evil 8

We know it’s coming, and we expect to see the first details of it at E3. Of course, this is purely speculation. Capcom have stayed tight-lipped about the game so far, but its development is an open secret. We’re curious to see if the game will be a first-person horror title like RE7 or go back to the ‘over the shoulder’ formula that RE4, 5, 6 and the recent remakes have employed.

Resident Evil 3 (remake) will be here soon, so Capcom won’t need to worry about promoting multiple Resident Evil titles. From April whatever this mystery game is can become their primary focus, which is what a mainline title like RE8 will deserve.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (remake)

We think this is unlikely, the RE3 remake has only just been unveiled so it’s a bit unrealistic that they are already working on the next remake. However, we expect RE:CV will be something Capcom are considering, after all as we addressed in detail in an earlier article; they are running out of games to remake. RE4 when remastered is good enough and doesn’t warrant the ground up remake treatment that Capcom are giving it’s PS1 era titles. RE:CV may not be a PS1 era game, but it has a lot in common with them and came out before RE4 revolutionised the series.

Resident Evil Revelations 3

This is another possibility, Revelations 1 and 2 were positively received by fans and critics, so why not complete the set and make it a trilogy? Like the recent RE games the Revelations spin-offs are actually canonical, full RE titles with an emphasis on survival horror. Capcom seems to be committed to survival horror again, so a new Revelations game is more likely than ever.

Dino Crisis

Since the success of the RE2 remake and Capcom’s commitment to remaking older classics, the possibility of a Dino Crisis remake has become something the internet has been buzzing about. Once Capcom have fully run out of Resident Evil games to remake, they are likely to turn their attention to Dino Crisis and other franchises like Onimusha. After all, who ever said the game the ambassadors are testing is a Resi game? Although the Ambassador program is related to Resident Evil so there’s always a high possibility it is a Resident Evil title.

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