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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #15 – World War Z Horde Mode Z Update

As you must know by now if you’re reading this article series, I love inappropriate Christmas games. As far as a game update at Christmas goes, this is probably the furthest you can get from what the spirit of the season is all about. You might be unfamiliar with the World War Z, but if you know anything about it then you know that this game is all about shooting hordes of zombies as they throw their bodies into your bullets. The most recent update, launched just in time for Christmas, introduced some new paid DLC, some new free DLC, and a new zombie that is definitely not festive. Check out the trailer for World War Z Horde Mode Z update below, and read on for more details.

Paid DLC


I’ll start with the paid DLC because it’s the least exciting part of the update, at least to me. This adds four new weapons to World War Z, all of which have new skins players can use in the game. This DLC is a little more in-depth than just adding new guns though, since players earn progress by using each weapon and can unlock new perks for them over the course of time. There’s probably a few dozen hours in the grind for these weapons alone, so it’s worth it if you fancy purchasing it, unlike some other weapon DLC.

Horde Mode


The main meat of this update is of course the new Horde Mode in World War Z. In this mode players will face off against increasingly difficult waves of zombies until they’re finally all dead, the players that is. Between each round players will need to find ammo and collect resources to help them with the next wave of enemies. The number of resources player shave depends on how well they murdered all the zombies, as well as whether or not they completed the secondary wave objective. These objectives could award the resources required to survive against a seriously tough enemy in the next wave, so they’re worth trying to accomplish. There is another way to get some better weapons though.

New Zombie


The Bomber is the latest zombie to be added to the ranks of undead in World War Z. This isn’t a powerful new enemy, but one that presents a problem and benefit to players if they’re willing to be tactical. The Bomber is covered in bombs, of course, so shooting it will generally blow it up. If you kill it in this way near to other players, they’ll be damaged too. However, if you take the Bomber down carefully, shooting its limbs and then finishing it with a melee, then players can claim a powerful weapons that this zombie was lugging around. Each Bomber can provide a new Heavy weapon, like a rocket launcher, or something else equally great. In Horde Mode, taking this zombie down carefully is going to be essential, and could be the difference between winning and losing the game.

This is Christmas content at its absolute best for me, I love it. I think World War Z is a highly underrated game, and this is what I’ll be playing throughout the Christmas holidays.

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