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Could Sony Unveil The PS5 In February?


Now take this with a pinch of salt, but according to an internal email leak from Sony the company will allegedly hold a ‘PlayStation Meeting 2020’ where the PS5 is to be shown off in full. This includes a full technical breakdown, list of features, software etc. The console is due for launch in less than 12 months, so it makes sense that Sony will want to unveil it at some point soon. In our minds February does make sense. Another argument is they could wait until E3, but this leaves much less time for marketing, and an E3 reveal would detract from the games they want to show off. Essentially it’s better for Sony to show off the console first and the games later.

This is far from 100% confirmed so like we said, take it with a pint of salt. But as Microsoft have indeed unveiled their next console, logic dictates that Sony won’t be far behind. The rumoured launch titles (or around launch) are also starting to take shape with new IP Godfall leading the charge along with Ghosts of Tsushima. We know a fair bit about Ghosts but not much about Godfall. Other expected PS5 games are The Last of Us 2 and potentially, Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok; as we reported earlier today.

Ghost of Tsushima

There are other rumours swirling around too. Much has been made of the possible price tag, but really until Sony confirm what it will be all anyone can do is speculate. Sony will not want to repeat the arrogant mistakes of the PS3 launch, but nor will they want to position PS5 as a simple upgrade to the PS4 Pro. They want it to appear like a fully fledged successor, so expect the price tag to but hefty, at least at first. However we expect it won’t be a ridiculous $1000 as some sources have claimed. Sony have been in this game (excuse the pun) for some time now and they know what gamers are willing to pay and what they’re not.

Other possibilities are PSVR2 and what Sony’s plans for a portable companion console will be. Sony recently claimed they were done with portable gaming, but with the success of the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft planning Project xCloud; bowing out of the market completely seems a little weird. Especially considering the various patents Sony have filed recently and their underrated Remote Play features on the PSP and Vita. Of course this is speculation, but we’re under the impression that portable gaming, in whatever form it takes, is arguably bigger than ever.

Even if the above rumours turn out to be false, a PS5 reveal isn’t far away.

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