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Get Ready To Die In The Rainforest When Green Hell Hits Consoles!

Developers Creepy Jar have created something truly arduous with Green Hell. The game is currently available for players to die in over and over on Steam, but now plans to bring that insane experience to all major consoles have been announced. Check out the trailer for Green Hell to really put you off, and then read on for more information.

Survive Against All Odds


Green Hell really is an apt description of this game. Players are dumped into an Amazonian rain forest setting, and must survive against everything that’s trying to kill them, and I mean everything. Drinking water might give you worms, which will affect digestion, dehydration, and general health, but without it you’ll die, so you need to boil off those bad boys before you can get a decent drink.

A plethora of wildlife wants to eat you alive, and diseases are just waiting to get into a cut on your arm so that you need to chop it off, or just die. All of this pales in comparison to your mental state, which has a huge affect on your performance. If your mental state is low, you’ll find everything harder and generally heal slower because your mind and body are connected, as in real life.

The developers have gone to great lengths in Green Hell to make it as much of a physical experience as they possibly can. Notebooks, maps, and the player’s body can all be inspected in great detail, which is by design. In this way Green Hell makes for much more of an interesting experience than most other survival games on the market.

Translating to Console


On PC, a game like Green Hell can thrive, as it has with its Early Access community. However, console gamers are a different beast, they want easy controls and intuitive UI. Unfortunately not every game gets this right in the transition from PC to console, bit those that do are welcomes with open arms.

The simple fact that Green Hell is going to be coming to Nintendo Switch shows that the developers are really considering their options with regards to controls. Having played more than my fair share, I can tell you that finicky controls on a Switch game are a great way to make players give up.

Hopefully Creepy Jar does a great job with Green Hell as they port if over to consoles. We’ll try to keep you up to date as things progress over the following months.

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