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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #20 – Expeditions Mode In Control


Control is a fantastic game, it’s got a lot going on and none of it makes sense if you don’t pay attention. With that said, it’s not totally clear if you do pay attention to be honest. However, if you got to the end of the game you might have been eager for more, I know I was, which is why the recent Expeditions Mode update is so damn important for the game. Check out the trailer for this new mode below and read on for what details I can cope with writing without my mind exploding.

The Endgame Jukebox

Expeditions mode brings a proper endgame to Control, and it’s all about this new Jukebox. It’s advised that you only attempt these Expeditions once you’ve completed the game, but you can jump into them before if you’d like. All you need to do is complete the mission ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, and you’ll then be able to find a Jukebox Token in Central Executive. Talking to Arish will begin a side mission that takes you through your first Expedition, and after that you can jump into them whenever you have tokens and fancy a challenge.

Expeditions are intrinsically linked to the universe of Control, I don’t want to spoil it but I will say that it introduces more intriguing stories about where the Bureau’s influence extends to. I’ve had a lot of fun with the new challenges, but honestly I’m not good enough to tackle them all.  The hardest part about each challenge is the fact that they’re timed, and if you don’t finish the challenge within that time limit, you lose.

There are three tiers of challenges with expeditions mode, and the final tier is full of Control’s hardest content. Rewards come in the form of new outfits and mods that don’t exist anywhere else, making them super powerful and important to use throughout the rest of the game, or in future challenges. More Jukebox Tokens can be earned throughout Control, but they’ll also drop with completed Expeditions.

As far as Christmas content goes in games, Expeditions is a meaty expansion. If you’ve been gagging for a reason to return to Control, this is it. There’s no better time to come back to the game than right now either, since the Christmas period probably means that you don’t need to work until the 2nd of January. Go ahead and get yourself all confused once again and jump into Control before your holidays are over.

At PowerupGaming we’re covering as many Christmas games, in-game events, and DLC as we can for the month of December, and this is one of the last. If you enjoyed our look at the pretty unfestive Expeditions mode in Control, check out our other Christmas crackers on Rainbow Six Siege’s player rewards, Cthulhu saving Christmas, Red Dead Online’s winter, a snowy Refuge in Sparklite, World War Z Horde Mode Z, The Dawning in Destiny 2, Skywalker’s content in Star Wars Battlefront 2, a new siege monster in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, an Arctic Pack in Planet Zoo, the Holo-Day Bash in Apex Legends, Icetide in Anthem, Generation Zero Alpine Unrest, Overwatch’s 2019 Winter Wonderland, Dying Light’s Chivalry crossover, festive Scorched in Fallout 76, Jesus the game, Concrete Genie’s Holiday Brush Pack, new pyjamas in Two Point Hospital, or Feastivus.

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