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PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker #21 – Untitled Goose Game


It’s the last day of 2019, and the final piece in our PowerupGaming Christmas Cracker article series. Today we’re covering a game that hasn’t really got any Christmas content, or seen a relevant update, but it is one of the biggest stars of Christmas 2019, Untitled Goose Game. The game has reached 1 million sales this month, which is an astounding milestone for a small indie game like this. It certainly deserves the sales, and I’m going to give you an overview of why. For now, check out the trailer for the game below, and read on for more Untitled Goose Game details.

If that trailer hasn’t sold you on the game, I honestly don’t know what will. This is a game about being a goose, obviously, but you’ve got missions that define your mischief. One level sees you annoying a gardener and ruining his picnic, while another has you trapping innocent bystanders in phone boxes. Not only are the missions fun, but they’re challenging as well, with multiple goals and optional extra goals that will keep you coming back to try out a level again and again, if you want the platinum trophy on PlayStation 4 at least.

What really makes Untitled Goose Game such an outstanding indie game is the visual style. Everything is beautifully rendered in a playful way without it feeling too childish. The lack of defined lines around each character and object bring a feel that everything is part of a single world, while I find that other games that go down the route of putting loads of effort into rendering every object can sometimes be quite jarring.

The goose itself is also one of the best things about this game. Being a naughty goose is never something that I thought I’d want to do, and yet here is a game that actively drives my desire to annoy everyone in a small country town as one of nature’s silliest birds. Having grown up in the Cotswolds, I’ve heard plenty of stories about geese like the one portrayed in Untitled Goose Game, but this is the first time I’ve experienced those stories first hand.

House House has really made a moment for gamers with Untitled Goose Game. It’s fun, easy to play and challenging to master, and it’s all kinds of charming. No one knows what the developers are planning to work on next. There could be a sequel, but equally everyone might want to try making something new. All we know is that we’re very excited to see where they go next.

At PowerupGaming we’ve covered a lot of Christmas games, DLC, and in-game events for the month of December. We’re done with this series for now, but let us know if you’ve enjoyed keeping up to date with all the new Christmas content that’s been hitting your favourite games over the holiday period. Who knows, maybe we’ll cover even more next year?

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