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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch?


A datamined image from Red Dead Redemption 2 has given rise to a rumour that the game may well be coming to Nintendo Switch. I picked the image up when it was shared on Twitter, though I’m not sure if it was shared elsewhere originally. The image, is styled like the others in Red Dead Redemption 2, an aesthetic that’s hard to describe, but also one that could only be from that game. Check out the image below and read on for some more thoughts on this story.


Could Red Dead Redemption 2 Come To Nintendo Switch?

This really is the big question here. Rockstar Games are yet to bring one of their games to the Nintendo Switch, but the console has seen some incredibly big games get ported over already. I don’t need to point it out to you, but The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a phenomenally beautiful game, and it’s colossal. That game will set you back 250 hours very easily, and yet somehow it’s been managed on a microscopic level in order to get it onto a handheld console.

Skyrim is another massive game that’s been brought to the Switch, which is incredibly impressive without even mentioning the other Bethesda games that have also made it over. I’ve spoken to people at Rebellion, developers of the Sniper Elite franchise, about the work that goes into getting their games on Switch. They say that it’s always impossible at first, but once the developers take a good hard look at the code and assets, working with each one until they can fit the game’s files onto the platform, it’s like it was made for it.

In terms of feasibility, I think that it’s entirely possible that Red Dead Redemption 2 on Nintendo Switch could be a thing. The Witcher 3 is definitely a bigger game, but DC Projekt Red are also an extremely competent developer. With the stories about crunch culture and other goings on at Rockstar Games, my only doubt about porting Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the people who would do it there. However, ports are quite often handled by third-party developers, ones who have done this sort of thing before.

For now I think this story is going to go cold, and no more details about a port will surface for a while. I do think that we’ll see some hints in the near future though. Rockstar Games would be mad to miss out on porting their game to the massive, and still growing strong, player base on Nintendo Switch who are crying out for more games like this.

On a final note, I want to point out that this image could well be an asset that was created just in case a Switch port of the game is possible. Developers have talks about all sorts of things once a project has gone live, and this image could be the result of a meeting in which someone simply suggested a Switch port. Whether it comes to fruition is anyone’s guess, but I really hope it does.

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