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Blasphemous Players Will Return To Cvstodia Soon In Free DLC

The Game Kitchen have been teasing some DLC for Blasphemous, and they’ve confirmed that it will be absolutely free. The DLC will take players on a new story through Cvstodia, but no one knows exactly what it will include. So far there have been two teaser images that have given hints about what the DLC will contain, but no one can work out exactly where they’re going to be taking the game. This is pretty similar to the DLC for all the Dark Souls games, as well as Bloodborne, none of which made it clear what would be happening in their DLCs. Take a look at the first teaser image below.


This first image shows a gold-faced figure, or someone wearing a mask. The text that was released along with it told Penitent Ones, which is the protagonist of the game, that their time in Cvstodia was far from over. The text went on to describe how players will raise Mea Culpa once again when this DLC arrives in 2020. As you can see, nothing concrete can be gained from this tease, in fact it’s even more unclear than if The Game Kitchen had simply said nothing at all.


This second image was released much more recently. Nothing interesting was given away in the text, apart form the reiteration that players will be returning to Cvstodia very soon in the new year. The image shows the Penitent One looking into a mirror, with their reflection staring right back at them. I’m torn between seeing the mirror as a literal reflection of the Penitent One, and as a gateway to a new world. In Dark Souls paintings were used as gateways to new worlds that have been sealed away from time, and mirrors even came into play as prisons of sorts.

It’s unfair to compare Blasphemous to Dark Souls though, because this game is an indie without the backing of a huge publisher. Even so, the gameplay and lore is second to none, and it really does hold its own against other soulslikes out there.

I backed Blasphemous on Kickstarter, and have had a great time playing it. It’s one of those games that you need to play through a few times before you start to feel like you’ve seen everything, and even then you know there’s more lurking around the corner. I’m excited to see where the game goes with this new DLC, either to a brand new land entirely, or a new location hidden within the ones we’ve travelled through hundreds of times on our way to and from the dangerous dungeons that are filled with bosses to conquer.

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