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More PS5 Dev Kit Images Leak

We’ve known since October that the PS5 dev kits we’ve seen floating all over the internet for months were legitimate PS5 consoles. But now more images have surfaced showing the kits in all their glory, including what we presume is a Duel Shock 5 controller.

As cool as these leaks are it’s important to point out that the dev kits themselves may not be what the PS5 ends up looking like. They are rather clunky and look like they’ve been designed with practicality in mind instead of looking like cutting edge technology. So don’t be surprised if the final product ends up looking very different, and much more sleek. While we don’t expect massive changes to the controller from what’s been shown off, it looks like recent reports of what the controller will look like we’re indeed correct.

What all this news and the leaks do tell us though, is beyond reasonable doubt many developers are now actively working on PS5 games. We expect a full reveal from Sony will be imminent.

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