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Frogwares Report That Sherlock Holmes Crimes And Punishments Is Back On PS4


Frogwares, developers of the beloved Sherlock Holmes series and other games such as The Sinking City has confirmed that Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments is now back on the PlayStation Store, at least in the US. Last year the developers announced that they were going through some hard times due to the way their license agreements worked, which resulted in many of their games being removed from digital storefronts. This was a massive blow to Frogwares, and meant that for the entire time those games were delisted, they wouldn’t be making anywhere near as much money as they would be otherwise, putting everyone in the company at risk.

Rectifying the license situation was going to take time, and it’s still going to take some time before all of their games are restored to digital marketplaces for consumers to purchase. However, Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments is now available again, which is a pretty great bonus for them. The announcement was made through Twitter, check it out below and read on for more details.

I suspect that the reason the game is only available in the US right now is because the company need to apply to have the game listed on a region by region basis. This must be a big pain in the ass, especially when you consider that the games were already on the store to begin with. Regardless, the important thing is that this game is now available in the US again, which means that the developers can begin earning money from game sales once again.

The fact that as many games as were delisted actually happened is a crime in itself. While no firm details have been shared, it sounds like Frogwares wanted to go independent, had a license deal run out that wasn’t renewed, or fell out with the publisher of these games, and they were severely punished for it. I can’t accept that the right course of action was to put a game developer in the position that they might close, it boggles the mind just trying to contemplate it. There is probably a much more amicable reason for the games being delisted, but all that matters now is that they get listed once again. Crimes and Punishments is just the start, hopefully more Frogwares games will follow.

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