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Moons Of Madness Console Release Delayed


The console release of Moons of Madness has been delayed by a couple of months. The original release date was meant to be a the end of the month, on January 21, but now Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners need to wait until March 24 in order to get their hands on this cosmic horror game set on Mars. The game launched for PC last October, and was met with some high praise, even if it did make the reviewers soil themsleves. This is a genuinely terrifying game, one that I’ve been looking forward to playing on my PS4 for a while now.  Take a look at the trailer for the game below, and if you get through it read on for more details.

Add Some Polish

The developers have explained that the added development time is needed to add some polish to the game, which is starting to sound like the reason for every game’s delay, but they also want to further optimise Moons of Madness for consoles. To be honest, a PC game that hits consoles and isn’t very well optimised is a pain in the ass. I remember playing games like Half-Life 2 and the original BioShock on PS3, and honestly they were really awkward. Saving felt like a chore, and even discovering how to save was a nightmare in itself. Controls were also an issue, but these were small prices to pay for such brilliant games.

The game seems to somehow bring the cosmic horror of Cthulu and translate it to a scientific mission on Mars. The trailer gives me very serious flashbacks of the Dead Space games, but of course this is very different. Players will be undertaking the day to day tasks of an astronaut on a mission on Mars, monitoring a site and generally going about his business. However, at some point things take a turn, and it’s not clear how long it’s been since that turn occurred.

What I love about cosmic horror is the uncertainty you have in yourself as the protagonist. I can’t wait to doubt every action I make in the game when it finally launches for consoles in March, which isn’t too far away if you consider all of the other delays we’ve heard about recently.

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