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A Guide to GTA’s Diamond Casino Heist

GTA Online Diamond Casino

With the release of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist Rockstar Games has expanded the GTA universe even further, adding more value to the game and giving players a complex mission, they can complete with their friends online. With GTA V listed in our top 100 greatest games ever, the GTA franchise has been nothing but a success, offering players an unprecedented open world to explore. Since the release of the Diamond Casino expansion and now the Diamond Casino Heist mission, players can have something more to tide them over until Rockstar’s highly anticipated GTA VI is released. Let’s have a look at what players can expect from this exciting new mission.

First, however, before players get to dig into the new operation there are a few tasks they need to complete. A front will be needed for the whole operation so players need to purchase the new arcade business property. While there are 6 locations throughout only one needs to be acquired and ranges from $1.25 million to $3.5 million, reports Screenrant. Because an empty arcade would look funny, players also need to stock it with 12 arcade games. This is where the operation gets interesting. Players will now have access to a few open-ended missions to survey entry points, gather intel and investigate security systems which will reward them with more routes and approaches during the final heist. Think an interactive version of Ocean’s Eleven.

It’s important that players take their time in these missions to explore and fully experience every option available in the operation as it will make the final mission that much easier. This mission is the biggest ever to hit GTA Online and requires drawing up meticulous plans for players to be able to walk out with the maximum payout. In addition, players will have to put a team together and using the right getaway driver, gunman and hacker will be key to a successful operation. VG24 explains how players are also given three options to approach the final operation: In true GTA style they can go in guns blazing, a classic caper con like Ocean’s Eleven or silent and sneaky without anyone noticing a thing.

The Diamond Casino Heist provides players a social online setting to set up an intricate mission to play cooperatively with their friends. The Diamond Casino has already been offering players a social community to play casino games such as poker with friends and others in the community. Much in the same way, an article on Cardplayer discusses how PPPoker has created private clubs that focus on the social aspect of the game. These have become increasingly popular because like GTA Online players don’t play with real money. This communal aspect of playing online casino games has been taken a step further by GTA Online through the Diamond Casino expansion. In addition, with VR casino experiences becoming more popular, GTA Online’s casino might soon let players experience the GTA world like never before in immersive VR.

So how much can you expect to take from the Diamond Casino Heist? If you play your cards right and do your homework well in the intel gathering missions and keep the damage to a minimum during the heist, the maximum payout is $2.1 million, which of course you’ll have to split between your team (depending on how many you chose at the beginning) as well as other in-game characters who have helped you plan the operation.

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