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Can You Trust Live Casino Games?

With every online casino spending hours to promote live dealers, should players feel concerned? It’s a fair question considering gambling businesses do what’s best for them. Still, you probably want to experience the feeling of playing online blackjack together with real people.

Against that backdrop, here’s an overview of live dealers, how they work, and whether online casinos tamper with them.

Human Dealers

For some, playing RNG blackjack or poker feels like a losing game. Casinos use software to shuffle cards—programs they could rig any time they want to. By comparison, human dealers shuffle cards as you watch. So, unless they are incredibly skilled at cheating, they guarantee better fairness.

In reality, most online casinos work hard to cultivate a reputation of being fair. That means they provide fair games whether they use software to deal cards or humans. On the other hand, dealers are professionally trained and licensed to work professionally.

As such, the beautiful, smartly dressed dealers you find at online casinos aren’t paid off to help casinos win. Many of them work fairly and will even cheer you on when you win.

Camera Surveillance

The entire premise of live dealers is to help players simulate a land-based casino experience. They do this by using a real casino room fitted with a dedicated poker or blackjack table. They then install cameras in every corner to help you view everything happening inside the room.

With that in mind, you can track every move the dealer makes. You can also interact with the croupier and ask her questions. What’s more, you can also chat with everyone else around the gaming table, albeit through video chatting.

If an online casino tried something sinister, it would get caught immediately. After all, some players use software to monitor roulette wheels and strategies for poker or blackjack. Most casinos wouldn’t risk a cheating scandal as it can quickly send them out of business.

The House Edge

What’s the point of cheating when you are guaranteed to win in the long haul? You could say greed. And sure enough, it’s not unusual for people to accuse certain gambling sites of scamming them. The best casinos, however, understand they have an advantage over players.

That advantage is called the house edge. It guarantees casinos a steady profit in the long term, especially in RNG games. For live dealers, some establishments take a percentage of all bets. Others require a flat fee to join blackjack and poker tournaments.

Either way, the casinos profit from each game you play. That means they have no other reason to cheat apart from greed. And as mentioned, greedy casinos get caught sooner or later.

To avoid greedy casinos, though, join the best online casinos. Zamsino.com has a helpful guide to the best-rated live dealer gaming sites on the Internet. Many of the platforms also provide exclusive welcome bonuses. That way, you can have your first live gaming experience free of charge.

Licenses and Regulation

By now, you probably know online casinos hold licenses and can be regulated. The UK Gambling Commission, for example, has strict rules to govern the gaming industry in Britain. Crucially, it also enforces its laws firmly, ensuring any rogue establishments are shut down or fined heavily.

Due to regulations, the best casinos operate professionally and adhere to high standards of integrity. Gambla.com features a list of UKGC-licensed live dealer casinos known for their honesty. What’s more, they welcome you with huge bonuses you could use on either live games or RNG slots.

Of course, the UKGC isn’t the only online casino regulator in the world. You will often come across iGaming sites licensed in Malta, Sweden, Curacao or New Jersey. But to be on the safe side, join casinos licensed by the Gambling Commission.

Independent Auditors

A license is great, but a certificate showing a casino’s games are fair is what wins players’ confidence. Luckily, more and more gaming websites are opening up their servers for public audits. ECOGRA, Thwarte and iTechLabs are some of the most trusted auditors in the iGaming scene.

So, the next time you want to find out if a casino has fair games, check for seals of approval from the companies named above. In many cases, audited casinos also tend to be licensed. They also offer better services, although not always.

How do auditors audit live casino games? Sure, part of the auditing process is to check casinos’ RNG software. But eCOGRA and its peers also assess how a company processes payments and handles complaints. As such, they can detect a company that scams people and blacklist it.

Lots of Testimonials

Ever heard of Chris Moneymaker? He’s the famous online poker player who qualified for the World Series of Poker online in 2003. Then against all the odds, he won the event, taking home the gold bracelet with a cash prize of $2.5 million.

Jennifer Shahade, a two-time Chess Champion made a name playing live online poker before she became an ambassador of the game. She would go on to play against the best champions in the world. She still plays online together with fellow online poker Pro Celina Lin.

Besides celebrity players, lots of people play casually at home or professionally through online casinos. That’s because gambling websites provide quality, fair games. If these players didn’t believe the Internet offer honest services, they would probably get back to brick and mortar casinos.

Transparency and Professional Services

One of the signs of scams online casinos is that they are mean with information. They might use vague terms and conditions or hide details about their management. When it comes to providing services, sham casinos refuse to payout to winners or delay withdrawals.

By contrast, fair casinos allow customers to speak about support staff concerning any issues. They process payments fast and reveal all the vital information to the public. Of course, having details of who owns a casino might not stop a rogue gaming website. But it gives players confidence that the platform is transparent and has nothing to hide.

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