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Why I’m Excited About HyperSpace: Pirates Of Atira


If you haven’t heard of HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira, don’t worry because it’s pretty new. The game is a spaceship simulator that can be played with a story, or just for fun with a couple of mates. The key thing that makes me excited for it is the potential for screwing around in a spaceship in a fully realised galaxy, responsible for an entire system by yourself, and all of the consequences that come with you deliberately messing up. There’s a lot to identify about the game, but here are my highlights of it so far.

Spaceship Simulation


The core of HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira is that spaceship simulation experience. Players are able to walk around their ship in first person, dealing with the day to day of spaceship life, like going to the space toilet and making space coffee, but also the serious stuff such as fixing systems (like the space toilet and space coffee machine). There are three key areas that players will be working in, the cockpit, engineering, and the sensor array. There are three roles for each area, the pilot, engineer, and co-pilot respectively.

The pilot is responsible for flying the ship, navigating it through what they can see, and getting the ship to where it needs to be. This is made much harder without the help of the co-pilot, who monitors the systems that show what’s happening outside the ship. If the pilot crashes into something, it’s probably the co-pilot’s fault for missing it on the map. The engineer makes sure everything inside the ship is hunky dory, and fixes anything that isn’t, because it’ll usually result in death. Together these three make the ultimate crew, but if there’s an argument things can get messy.

Messing With Your Friends


This is where I think the game is going to appeal to most people. Each player can do whatever they want, so if the engineer doesn’t feel like fixing the oxygen leak, it can just sit there. Likewise, the pilot could crash into an asteroid and try to kill one of the other players if they hit it just right, or they could set a course and then leave the ship to fly off without anyone supervising. When players work together, I can see this game being really great to play, but I also think it’ll be a lot of fun when players try to screw around and purposely cause issues.

Rich World


HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira can be played in one of two ways. The first is in an open simulation mode, which will just let players work together, probably with a few goals, but without any sort of story. The second is with that story, the game’s campaign. Here you’ll see how those who rule this galaxy enforce the law with an iron fist, and how pirates try to carve out an existence around it. I think that the campaign is where players will all come together, working as one to get to the end and see where the story goes.

I’m really excited about HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira, but I don’t have a release date for you. Hopefully the game launches across multiple platforms, because it looks like it’ll be enjoyed by players everywhere. We’ll keep you updated on the game as more of the development is revealed.

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