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Monster Energy Supercross 3 Preview – Hilariously Accurate

I recently had the chance to play a preview build of Monster Energy Supercross 3. This is in no way a game that’s remotely close to what I usually play, but I jumped at the chance to try something new and interesting, as well as something that looked really well-polished. I wasn’t disappointed. The game feels incredibly accurate as far as motocross simulation goes, providing players with a wealth of options regarding customisation and a huge choice in races tracks and types. However, I also couldn’t help but laugh at the game for the way it showed me up as a complete noob, and the way that it’s sure to drive many of you to frustration when it launches on the 4th of February.

Fantastic Visuals


The only motocross games I’ve ever played were multiplayer party games in which the camera was high in the sky, and off to the side of the track. This made controlling your bike extremely complicated, often resulting in you driving off the track, with only the person who played the game at least once before being able to finish a lap. Monster Energy Supercross 3 is nothing like that. I’m sure motocross games moved the camera to the much more sensible location of behind the bike and rider years ago, but that is one massive advantage this game has from the word go.

Not only is the camera somewhere that makes sense, but the visuals in every part of the game are absolutely stunning. I had a hard time believing that I wasn’t accidentally streaming from a drone following some actual motocross event, but it was really obvious that I wasn’t when I crashed for the first, and twentieth, time. The game might look great, but it does nothing to support you if you don’t understand how to play a motocross game, so I had a fair bit of learning to do.

Jumps For Joy


The gameplay is exactly what you want from a motocross game, a series of events across a number of maps, all focused on motocross. I was able to play a proper race against some AI opponents, all of whom smashed me, and a time trial, in which I couldn’t manage to beat the abysmal best time I somehow managed to set in my initial map. Time Trials are fun, but they feel empty compared to races, which is where this game shines.

Obviously in real life if a motorbike hits another motorbike, both rides and their motorbikes are going down. That’s pretty much how every corner in my first lap of a race turns out. This has nothing to do with the game, I’m just dreadful at controlling the motorbike, but by the end of my time with it I could pretend to keep up with the AI in what appeared to be an effortless fashion. In reality I was spamming the directional buttons and making every effort to not drift too far to the side, which would see me flip gracelessly over the barrier.

There’s a certain appeal to driving head on into as many opponents as you can on each corner, but at some point you have to take the game seriously. Mercifully there’s a rewind button that will take you back to any point you choose in the last twenty seconds or so. This made the game much more accessible for someone like me, who has no experience with motocross games whatsoever.

Customised From Head To Toe


The second best thing about Monster Energy Supercross 3, with the first being the ability to ram riders off of the track on every corner, is the customisation. There were a bunch of pre-set characters to play as in the preview build, but you can customise pretty much every aspect of their outfit to make it your own. I love seeing people wearing motocross jackets that have no colour because they’re that covered in logos from brands, and you can almost recreate that here. I don’t know how much these elements will be fleshed out in the final release, but they were enough to make me happy.

Monster Energy Supercross 3 is shaping up to be a phenomenal game. The visuals are extremely impressive, and the gameplay is great fun, even for someone who doesn’t play these sorts of games. If you’ve any doubt, put it aside and give this game a try.

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