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Gladiator Guild Manager Is Like Football Manager But With Real Pain


Gladiator Guild Manager is an indie game that’s looking for funding on Kickstarter at the time of writing. The campaign has only just begun, but already I can see that this is a game that I want to pledge to. If you enjoy the Football Manger games, but fancy a little more blood on the screen, and some real injuries for once, then this could well be the game for you. Take a look at the Kickstarter trailer for it below and read on for the details.

Battle Simulation


At the heart of Gladiator Guild Manager is a battle simulator similar to T.A.B.S. or SwarmZ. You place your gladiators down in the arena against a bunch of other enemies that you hope they can fight against, and see what happens. This might be the most gruesome part of the game, allowing you to watch on as your gladiators destroy their opponents, or get ripped apart by something you really didn’t expect. If you want to win then you’re going to need to manage your Gladiator Guild much better, and that’s where the management simulation comes into play.

Football Manager But With Blood


Players need to build and prepare their Guild for the yearly Gladiator Championship Tournament. Throughout the year they’ll be buying new gladiators and training them, getting them ready to smash the competition at the end of the year. There are leagues that Guilds need to rise through, but they’ll only do that if they manage to conquer every team in their current rank, allowing them to rise and earn more gold. More gold means that you can build and train a better team, but if you lose then you’ll be stuck with the worst gladiators available to you.

Every week the market has new gladiators to purchase, and it’s down to you to pick the best ones, and avoid the awful people who can’t fight to save their life. Each one has strengths and weaknesses that will determine how you train them, what weapons you give them, and even where you place them in the arena.

To earn gold and resources between training sessions and the yearly tournament players can take on quests. These will see them using their gladiators to clear out areas of monsters, but they may also require an alliance to fight a shared enemy. Alliances and enemies should be carefully monitored, because the wrong ones can cause some dire consequences.

A Gladiator can go from scrub to total warrior if trained correctly. Gladiator Guild Simulator uses a complex combat system that sees certain attacks and defences work well against one another, and poorly too. If a gladiator is trained to have a defence or attack that complements their other abilities, then they’ll do well in the arena, but they could also end up being surprised by a unique attack that gets around everything in their arsenal.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this game release, and I’m fairly confident it will. It’s planned to launch across all platforms and consoles eventually, with an initial early access release in 2020. If you like the sound of it then head over to the Kickstarter page and give it a look.

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