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Frictional Games Are Teasing An ARG


Frictional Games, developers of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, are teasing a brand new game. The developer’s official website,, has been updated with a pulsing symbol in a dark background. The symbol has morphed already, and now a number of people are chasing various YouTube video threads in order to figure out what this new game is going to be. A symbol has appeared on the site that can’t be clicked, but hovering over it shows the space for enough text for a YouTube URL. Resetera user Foxnull has explained that by putting in the text “suWaF-aIdV4” you end up watching a video of rocks, which you can see below.

As you can see, this is nothing special. In fact, the video appears to be something someone’s mum has accidentally uploaded after trying to take a selfie on the beach. However, if you look closer, then you can see a symbol on the rocks, and that’s what this video seems to be all about. Foxnull then took the step to analyse the HTML of this YouTube video page, which hides the URL for another YouTube video within it. The string of text associated with the video reads ‘artefact’, and the video is an audio only monster scream of some description which you can hear below at your own peril.

The Frictional Games Discord channel has a space dedicated to this unannounced game where people are following the threat of mysteries, speculating the whole way. So far the leads can be summed up as the following; the YouTube rock video titled ‘Box 52 Tape 16’, the description reference ‘Shetpe, KSSR’ which is actually a small village in Kazakhstan, the audio video titled ‘Box 2, Reel 7, Partial Success’, which has the words Triple Crown in the description. So far the hints seem to be leading fans to Egypt, which Kazakhstan is near to, but the terrifying reality of a scientific monster experiment that was only partially successful is too much for me to handle.

Given the context of SOMA, playing on people’s minds and messing around in the head in general, it wouldn’t be too far out there to suggest that the symbols on the Frictional Games website are teasing another SOMA, since they look a little like neurons. Furthermore, the scream in the second video has been said by SOMA fans to sound like one of the WAU creatures from that game, but that’s pure speculation. Only time will tell exactly what this ends up being, but the puzzles will no doubt continue for a while yet.

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  • lon3wolf

    “The Frictional Games Discord channel has a space dedicated to this unannounced game where people are following the threat of mysteries,”

    Would love that to be meant as threat and not thread:D all sounds intriguing.