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Turing Test Hits Nintendo Switch On February 7


Square Enix have announced that they’re bringing Turing Test to Nintendo Switch. Turing Test is a first person puzzle game that looks a lot like Portal, but is very much a different beast entirely. The game was teased by Square Enix earlier last week, but no one could have predicted that this was what they were planning. We even got a brand new trailer for the game on Nintendo Switch, check it out below and read on for some more details.

As you can see, Turing Test hits the Switch on February 7, 2020, bringing the intense first person sci-fi puzzle experience to handheld consoles for the first time. Players take on the role of Ava Turing, an engineer with the International Space Agency who has been sent to Europa, Jupiter’s moon, to find out why a crew stationed there has mysteriously disappeared. The game uses shooting as a mechanic that forms part of its puzzles, but really that’s where the similarities with the Portal games end.

TheSixthAxis picked up a comment from Howard Philpott, the Lead Designer on Turing Test, when he saw how people had reacted to the news of its impending Switch release. He said that the small team who worked on the game were overwhelmed by the reaction that fans have given this news. He added that being able to bring the game to new players three years after its original release, as well as to a portable platform, is incredible. The entire team is excited to see Switch players go through the process of discovery, exploration, and puzzle solving with the game as if it was brand new.

I’ve never played Turing Test, but I was very excited about it when it first launched in 2016. Hopefully I won’t miss out on it again this time around, particularly because I can see the community of Switch players sharing images and videos of them solving puzzles all over Twitter around the time it launches. If you’re excited about Turing Test on Nintendo Switch, let us know in the comments. It’s also worth noting that you can get the game with a 10 percent discount if you pre-order it or purchase if before February 21, 2020.

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