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LAZR Is A Clothformer That Needs To Be Made


Over the weekend I discovered the Kickstarter campaign for a new indie game, LAZR. The game calls itself a clothformer, which isn’t that easy to explain until you watch the game’s trailer. Check out the Kickstarter trailer for LAZR below, and read on for more details about it.

What Is A Clothformer?


A Clothformer is a platformer that uses fabric throughout the majority of its levels. At least that’s what I’ve gleamed from all of the information available. As you can see in the trailer, players will be climbing up various forms of fabric as they progress through each mission. Many of these clothforming sections have secondary elements to them, with one such example showing the very fabric that the protagonist is climbing burning and falling apart around them. the way the fabric burns looks particularly realistic, though the way it is represented with retro visuals makes it look like some sort of neon electric netting.

The second amazing example of clothforming in action comes when the protagonist is jumping from fabric ladders. Each one sways in what appears to a realistic fashion, but each one also has a bomb attached. As you jump from ladder to ladder, the bombs can swing all the way up and explode, which both kills the player and sets everything on fire, making the ladders useless. I love how playful each clothforming section is, whilst maintaining that level of deadly precision required from whoever is playing.

Overworld and Underworld


Players take on the role of the anti-hero in LAZR. This neon future, inspired by the likes of Judge Dredd, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell, is plagued by an authority that won’t let people live their lives. It seems as though the anti-hero, whom players take on the role of, is trying to take down the authority and give the people back some freedom in their lives. Those are all the details we have, but we do also know that there will be a huge number of levels set across the game’s overworld.

The overworld is a Mode7 style feature that demonstrates the size of the world without making it feel too huge. It adds structure, and that makes it far more tangible that the worlds of other games that don’t feature this visual reference.

The city is full of companies to complete contracts for, and by choosing to server certain companies the player will shape their story. There are multiple endings available depending on what players do, which makes LAZR even more attractive in my opinion.

Built For Speedrunning


One of the things I love most about LAZR is that it’s been built to be fast, and played incredibly fast when mastered. Building a game with speedrunning in mind immediately opens it up to a whole new group of gamers who are always looking for their next speedrunning game. I can see the LAZR speedrunning scene getting crowded fast, and getting incredibly competitive.

How’s It Looking?


At the time of writing LAZR is at £1,654 of its £7,657 goal. It’s got some really attractive rewards, including physical ones which immediately makes it appealing to me. You can currently pick up a copy of the game cheap, which is always nice, or you can go the whole hog and become an Alpha City CEO to grab every reward available. The game has seen some traction on Reddit already, which should mean that it gets a fair bit of attention. Looking at the amount the game has raised so far, with how long it has left, I think it could easily reach full funding, and probably go over to hit some stretch goals. Check out the Clothformer Kickstarter campaign and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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