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Apex Legends Season 4 Is Already Heating Up


Apex Legends Season 4 is on the way, launching on February 4, 2020. However, I think that developers Respawn Entertainment have been having a bit of fun with us regarding the new Legend who will be joining the ranks. The new Legend was meant to be Forge, a five-time Hyperfighting Champion with a robotic arm that looks as though it would make him lethal up close and personal. I was really set to jump into his boots, but now it looks like a Legend who we thought was lost is going to be taking his place. Check out the latest Stories from the Outlands video below to see what I’m talking about, and read on for more information.

From the looks of the video, Forge just died. The Legend who killed him is thought to be Revenant. This Legend was teased in some artwork last year, and even featured in the most-recent developer livestream, as well as the Apex Legends Halloween event last year. After that though, Revenant vanished, and no one’s seen them since. Now though, we can see that Revenant probably just killed Forge, which really mixes things up.

Melee Specialists

Forge was arguably a melee specialist. This is a little confusing in a shooter game, but just because he specialises in punching people doesn’t mean that he’s bad at shooting, it just means that if he gets too close to you you’ll probably die. Revenant seems much the same. Yes, they are much smaller and appear to use distraction to get in and kill their enemies, but they still have a huge spike that they use to kill people with. The fact that both of these Legends are melee specialists is a little suspect, as well as the effort that Respawn Entertainment has gone to to create both of them in this video and other artwork.

I think that with Apex Legends Season 4 we’re going to get two new Legends. They will be Forge and Revenant, and this build up all has something to do with Hammond Robotics, the sponsor of Forge. There are already huge signs throughout World’s Edge, one of the game’s maps, for Hammond Robotics build sites. We’ve also seen in the recent developer livestream that World’s Edge is getting a makeover. I think that the company is pulling the wool over our eyes, and we’ll be surprised when both Legends enter the world of Apex Legends next week.

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