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New Resident Evil 8 Rumours Have Surfaced, But They’re A Bit Out There


Some new Resident Evil 8 rumours have come to light, but they’re all a bit strange, even for a Resident Evil game. These rumours are part of a bunch of tips that some sources allegedly told Biohazard Declassified, a Resident Evil focused site, and should really be taken with a pinch of salt. You’ll see what I mean about the rumours being a bit strange even for this series as we go through each one below. Buckle up.

Ethan Will Return


Ethan, the protagonist from Resident Evil 7, will apparently be coming back for Resident Evil 8. Ethan was an okay character, but fairly shallow as far as the rest of the cast of characters from the series go. It’s also arguable that he wouldn’t have been involved in the game at all if not for his wife, so he feels more like an excuse for the player to enter the game’s world Chris Redfield has a reason to be in the game, and would make a far more interesting character. However, if Capcom want to go for the same type of horror vibe, with an inept and unprepared protagonist, Ethan is your man.

Resident Evil 8 Was Tested Last Year


Late last year a bunch of testing application emails came from Capcom. They asked for people to sign up to participate in testing¬† a new game. We still don’t know what the game was, but these rumours suggest that it was Resident Evil 8. If this is true, Capcom is on track to release another Resident Evil game in early 2021, keeping up with their track record of late.

It’s Not Called Resident Evil 8


The rumours say that the next Resident Evil game is not called Resident Evil 8. This is interesting, because Capcom are pretty hot for naming their mainline entries. I think that this could indicate that the game will be more of a sequel to Resident Evil 7, sort of a 7-2 if you will. This would fit with Ethan as a returning character, and it means that the game’s focus can be far smaller, sticking close to the subject matter of Resident Evil 7 as opposed to growing the series’ universe as every entry does.

The Game Will Be In First Person


This isn’t so surprising, and also supports the Ethan returning and Resident Evil 7-2 scenario. The last mainline game was incredible, and a big part of that was the first person perspective, particularly if you played it in VR. I can see Capcom following suit with another VR Resident Evil game, and the fact that it may not be a mainline entry makes it all the more likely. The next mainline Resident Evil will probably use the same perspective as Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Resident Evil 3 Remake, because those are the games everyone is playing right now.

Snowy Peaks


The next rumour suggests that the game will begin in a small village, and work its way up to a castle. The game will also feature rural snowy environments, all of which appeared in Resident Evil 4. To me this feels like a rumour for a different Resident Evil game, possibly one that follows the Las Plagas angle, though other rumours suggest that maybe all of these evil viruses and entities are going to come together for this next game.

Zombies Are Back


Resident Evil 7 didn’t have zombies, it had mould, and the Moulded creatures. In this next Resident Evil game we definitely have zombies once again, though it’s not clarified if that means that the T-virus will also be featured. Resident Evil is known for zombies, and the lack of them in Resident Evil 7 was a big change for the series. However, the Moulded made sense within the scope of Resident Evil 7, because of the overall storyline and the corporations involved. I could see this next Resident Evil game bringing zombies, Las Plagas, and a bunch of other similar BOWs together as one mega-corporation envelops the smaller ones, attempting to spread these horrors around the world.

Persistent Female Entity


Allegedly this new Resident Evil game will feature a persistent female enemy who will follow players throughout the game, and she’ll disappear when attacked. While this stinks of Lisa from Silent Hills, I think it could also be a remnant of Eveline from Resident Evil 7. If you think about where Ethan got himself stuck at one point, with mould all over him, he could have ingested enough to mean that in some weird way, Eveline is able to survive within his cells. This could lead to a big return for the character, but really it’s just the only way I can make sense of the rumour.

Wolf-Like Creatures


The penultimate rumour suggests that wolf-like enemies will be coming to this new Resident Evil game. Some people think that this means we’re getting werewolves, or wolf versions of the Hunter enemies. To be honest, I think this could tie in with the game’s supposed setting, and just be T-virus, Plagas, or mould infected wolves. That would make much more sense, this isn’t a vampire game after all.

Chris Redfield Is Back


The final rumour simply says that Chris Redfield returns in some capacity. We can take this in one of two ways. First, Chris could be returning as a core character to the game, acting as either another playable character, or maybe just a voice on the other end of a radio. This would make sense with Ethan coming back, since Chris works for Blue Umbrella, who save Ethan at the end of Resident Evil 7. The other possibility is that Chris is just back as a DLC character once again, and has just been shown in some artwork or something.

Our Take

While the rumours are a bit all over the place, they do all point to a sequel to Resident Evil 7, rather than a new mainline game. The rumours about the setting, Chris Redfield, and the female entity in particular make me think of loads of ways that Capcom could bring Ethan into the wider universe, instead of bringing that wider universe to him. We have to remember that Ethan has seen a lot of stuff at this point, and probably can’t go back to a normal life. Within Blue Umbrella he’d be helping to clean up the world, the fact that he survived so well against Eveline shows how useful he could be.

Based on these rumours, I think we’ll see Ethan drop into Europe somewhere, a location where a large corporation is has been storing BOWs, and everything has gone wrong. We’ll encounter zombies first, plus T-virus enemy variants, then Las Plagas, and finally the Moulded. Either Eveline or Eveline masquerading as Mia will follow Ethan throughout the game. There will be a big twist when Ethan discovers the source of the Moulded, and Eveline will be reborn.

Let me know what you reckon in the comments.

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