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There’s A Pack Of Infected In This The Last Of Us Part 2 Artwork


A new piece of The Last Of Us Part 2 artwork has been revealed as the deluxe edition of The Art of The Last Of Us Part 2 gets revealed as well. Check out the artwork below, because it’s awesome, but then read on for where my mind has gone since seeing this.


Specifically I’m looking at the piece on the right of the above image. You can see Ellie and Dinah trying to escape from a horde of infected. It looks terrifying, and since we’ve seen both of these characters on horseback in the snow in recent footage of the game, I believe this could be a part of what we have to play through. One infected has an arrow through the head, and Ellie is brandishing her bow, but there’s no way she can take on all of these enemies.

Where Do They Go?

Somehow the pair must escape this horde, and they probably end up in the house that sees some awful event happening at the beginning of the game. This event is what sets Ellie’s actions throughout the rest of the game in motion, and most people think that it’s Dinah’s death. I think that the pair stumble into a house that some other characters have also ended up hiding out in, it’s just that Ellie and Dinah had no idea about the other group.

Infected Hordes

In The Last Of Us there were sections of the game when you’d encounter loads of infected in one large area, but they didn’t emerge in hordes like we see in this artwork. This makes me think that the infected are evolving in some way. With the world having been filled with this infection for so long, the infected must need to stick together for survival. Whether this pushes them to roam in groups, or merely huddle together when it’s cold, the infected have definitely changed. I say that they must have changed, but this could just be behaviour of the infected that we’ve never seen before.

I’m not looking forward to the prospect of hordes of infected. the Last Of Us had enemies that were hard enough to work around as they were, let alone new dynamics that create a whole new situation to tackle. Let me know what you think of this artwork in the comments.

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