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What Makes The Outer Worlds An Essential Switch Game?


You might not have heard, but The Outer Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2020, and it’s going to be great. We’ve known that the game was coming to Switch for a while, but now we have a firm release date.  That doesn’t really matter though, because it could release in September 2020 and still be just as good. What I want to tell you, is why The Outer Worlds is an essential purchase for Nintendo Switch.

Portable Fallout New Vegas


Obsidian Entertainment worked on what is arguably the greatest Fallout game of all time, Fallout New Vegas. The Outer Worlds isn’t a Fallout game, but the developers took everything in that game, added all the features they wished they could have, and then released it as The Outer Worlds. The game has so many different levels to it, from the way that your intelligence can actively affect gameplay, to the random points that companions will leave your side because you’ve pissed them off too much. If you enjoyed New Vegas, you’ll love the Outer Worlds, and the fact that it’s on a handheld console only means that you can enjoy it more.

Endless Replayability


There are loads of different ways to play through The Outer Worlds. There’s no evil or good, just the bits in-between, and they can be explored for hundreds of hours without ever really hitting a point when the game becomes old. This is only helped by the stats and perks that you can choose for your character, turning them into a new beast every time you start the game over. I’ve played a lot of the game already, but even I have an idea of what my first playthrough will be when I get my hands on the Switch version of the game, obviously a pacifist run.



Above all else, The Outer Worlds is just funny. Everything from the way you create your character, to the flaws that the game’s companies choose for you are brilliant and oozing with satire. This is a game that has its tongue firmly in its cheek, and it isn’t shy about making that obvious. This is the only way I can see making the game portable a problem, because it might just be so funny that it gets you in trouble while you’re out and about. Here’s a tip, don’t play it during an important meeting.

Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself whether The Outer Worlds is for you. If you haven’t already played it, I can tell you that it’s not as long as The Switcher 3, but it makes up for that in depth. This will be one of the best games on Nintendo Switch, a phenomenon, and a moment for the console. Don’t miss out on that moment.

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