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Hokko Life Looks Like PC’s Animal Crossing


Today a brand new trailer for Hokko Life, a life simulation game, has been released. The trailer paints an extremely familiar picture for those of us who have played any Animal Crossing game. We’ll escape to the wonderful land of Hokko, fulfil our dreams of building houses and carefully wasting time designing them, all among the company of animals. Check out the trailer below and read on for more details.

What Is Hokko Life?


It’s not that hard to describe Hokko Life. As I already mentioned, you escape to the wonderful land of Hokko, which looks just like the real world, apart from the fact that it’s filled with anthropomorphic animals. Alongside these animals you’ll craft a life, building and placing houses, doing exactly the same with the furniture, cultivate an amazing garden, and invite all of those smug animals over to gloat at how well you’re living. You can also go fishing and bug collecting, though I have no idea what the purpose of these activities is without knowing the game’s story, or just a little more about it.

Get Crafty


Designing and crafting looks to be a big part of Hokko Life. Players can design every aspect of their house, and the furniture they place in it. The depth in the design looks to be even better than recent Animal Crossing games, but New Horizons could change that. Regardless, this is definitely a game for anyone who enjoys the art of placing objects, making everything in a home look just right before the character ruins it. The design extends to the garden, which you can choose to cultivate in any way you want. I’m really on board with the customised gardening in this game, and can’t wait to give it a go.

Animal Crossing For PC


The most important aspect of Hokko Life is the fact that it’s a PC game. Animal Crossing is a Nintendo series, and the games are available only on Nintendo’s platforms, apart from the mobile game entry. These games are amazing, and a source of crushing disappointment for anyone playing games on non-Nintendo consoles. I think that Hokko Life will do well just because it’s a more open version of Animal Crossing. I can see it being added to with features that players wish were in the more well-known series, but it’ll never overtake it. Nintendo have a stranglehold with Animal Crossing, hopefully Hokko Life can be a bit of the same kind of fun for anyone out there who doesn’t own a Switch. There’s currently no release date, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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