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The Division 2 Warlords Of New York Will Be A Homecoming For Division Veterans

Earlier this week Ubisoft announced year 2 of The Division 2 with Warlords of New York. Unlike year 1, this will be a huge expansion for The Division 2, as opposed to episodes of content, and is also in line with how Bungie builds upon the content for players in the Destiny franchise. Warlords of New York is a homecoming for The Division 2 veterans though, and I mean the players who have been with the series since day one of the original game, because this expansion takes them all the way back to New York. Check out the reveal trailer for the expansion below and read on for more details.

Things Have Changed


As you might have guessed from the fact that The Division 2 isn’t set in winter, you’ll be coming back to New York with this expansion during summer. The Division was set in winter, making the game incredibly different to how it all looks now. On top of that, there’s been a new viral outbreak, but this one was orchestrated by a rogue Division agent. Now, you’ll be hunting this agent down by working your way through the same factions that occupied New York in the first game, but each one now has a rogue Division agent as their warlord. These guys don’t look like they’re messing around, and I can’t wait to see how they mix up the gameplay.

Start Again, Or Start In New York


One of the best things about Warlords of New York is that you can jump into The Division 2 right there with it. You have the option to play the game from the beginning and level up as you go, or create a level 30 character and take on the expansion. This will make the game even more accessible when the expansion launches, mainly because the brand new content is available from day one. The biggest barrier I see in MMOs like The Division 2 is the huge amount of content that you need to work through before you can access the latest stuff. Bungie sort of fixed this with Destiny 2 New Light, but now Massive Entertainment is making strides for developers everywhere with this amazing accessibility option.

Player-Driven Evolution


Massive Entertainment have worked hard on this expansion. They’ve streamlined the game’s loot system to make it more of what players want, allowing perks to be applied to any looted gear, and ensuring that looted gear always has a bonus to the current build the player is running with. Loot can be a big issue in games like The Division 2, but by evolving it to work with what players want more of, Massive Entertainment are saving themselves a lot of headaches from that initial batch of complaints about how an expansion is flawed because of the base game’s mechanics.

Seasons And Season Passes


Games like The Division 2 need a continuous revenue stream to make them viable, which is why seasons and season passes are coming to the game. This makes sense, and I welcome the change. I know that season passes are overdone, particularly because all online games seem to use them, but they’re a much healthier way for players to choose where they spend their money. It’s more sustainable to purchase a pass for a season you know you’ll play, rather than a year pass for a game you might drop in a few months.

I’m really excited to get into The Division 2 again, and I love the concept of returning to New York. We haven’t had all the information yet, so stay tuned for more from us on The Division 2.

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