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Learn Magic And Talk To A Ghost Squirrel In The Button Witch


The Button Witch is a game that’s fully funded on Kickstarter (which you can see here), sitting at £2,729 of the required £2,517 goal at the time of writing. It’s an interesting-looking game that will offer guaranteed rewards from here on out, so it’s well worth looking at if you want to get your hands on some Kickstarter exclusive gear for a game. But what is this game about? Well it’s got witch training, a spirit who just wants to be a gardener, and a ghost squirrel, what else do you need? Check out the trailer for the game below and read on for more details.

Not The Worst Witch


In The Button Witch players will take on the role of Ellen, who has finally been accepted to Lord Thimble’s mansion so that she can learn to be a fully-fledged witch. Along the way she’ll meet a chatty squirrel ghost, a spirit who really wants to be a gardener, and loads more wacky characters that subvert your expectations around games using magic as a theme. I was pleasantly surprised by the character in the trailer alone, which makes the game look like it’ll be bursting with funny moments, as well as lots of memorable gameplay.

Point And Witch


The Button Witch is a point and click adventure game. There are puzzles that act like escape rooms, requiring logic to solve them over pure magical power. A light spell turns on lights, but could have other functions in the right context. Being a point and click adventure game, The Button Witch also has a plethora of multiple endings. I love that the game seems so small but it has so much to it under the surface. Even the UI in the above trailer is simple, designed for mobile devices, but highly applicable to PC too.

I think it’s also worth noting that the artist, Caterina Capogrossi, has done a fantastic job of drawing each scene and character. The game is worth the funding for the artwork alone, and you can now back for a digital artbook as a reward for a pretty low price.

How’s It Looking?


As I pointed out at the top of the article, this campaign is fully funded already. It’s got some cheap rewards, but also a couple for designing characters and an entire escape room if that’s what you’re after. With the funding now met, it’s the stretch goals we should be looking at. As the tiers go on there are new areas that could be added to the game, which will extend the gameplay and add more puzzles, as well as character customisation and voiceover in cutscenes. I’m really pleased that this game got fully funded, and with 11 days left of the campaign at the time fo writing, it stands a good chance of hitting at least one more stretch goal before the time is up.

Sometimes we write about games that are on Kickstarter and looking for funding, or have been fully funded. If you want to read about more Kickstarter games, check out our past articles here.

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