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Apex Legends Prey To Predator Part 1: The Premise


With Apex Legends Season 4 I thought I’d take on a bit of a challenge. I’m calling it Prey to Predator, and the very basic premise is that I’m working from 30 mins experience in Apex Legends, trying to become one of the top 500 players in the game in my region.

Prey To Predator

When Apex Legends launched last year, I played half an hour of it, and that was it. From there I’ve watched it become such a massive game, and now with season 4 I want to try my hand at becoming one of the best players in the UK in the game. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out the ranks below and I’ll explain.


Before you can even start grinding through ranks, you need to reach level 10 in Apex Legends. As a result, a big part of my first two weeks with season 4 have been building up enough XP to hit level 10. I will add that I purchased the battle pass for this season, mostly because I’ll be playing enough of the game to unlock every single level. That also gave me an XP boost, so I hit level 10 fairly swiftly. Unfortunately, that easy street did nothing to help me gain experience in actually playing the game.

Most of my matches see me follow tow other players around the game’s world. Sometimes we survive until the final three teams, but never did we actually survive an encounter with another team. Every time I see enemy players I try to shoot them, get shot, and then watch on as my team and I are picked apart by our foes. All of this did get me to level 10 though, so I’m not complaining. At this point, I could enter the Ranked Playlist of Apex Legends, the one in which you can earn points to work through the ranks in the image above.

How Do Ranks Work?

You start out in Ranked as Bronze. Each tier has four groups, 4, 3, 2, and 1. As you’d imagine, you start out in Bronze 4. In this group you cannot lose RP (rank points), which you need to build up in order to work up the ranks and eventually break into Apex Predator. With all Bronze groups you also have no RP buy-in for a match, which is extremely merciful for those of us, like me, who continuously lose in stupid ways. As long as you make it to the final 10 teams in the match you earn 10 RP. Surviving for longer gets you more RP, kills also add RP, and a win adds a load of RP.

I was sitting in Bronze 4 for a long time, earning 10 points every now and then when I’d actually make it to the final 10 teams. Then, I got good. One match I was placed with two other pretty great players, and together we killed off about four other teams, surviving until the very end when we won the match. It was tense at times, I got knocked down and had to move myself back to a teammate to be revived about five times. But that win gave me around 300 RP altogether, which pushed me up to half way through Bronze 3.

I’m still in Bronze 3 now, feeling pretty good about myself, but there are challenges on the way. With each new Tier you need to spend a certain amount of RP just to get in. Even once you’re in, every match will cost you something along the lines of 12 RP, so you need to get a couple of kills just to break even. One more thing that makes this even harder is the fact that from Silver 4, you can lose points in a match. I don’t know how this works, maybe you lose points for missing shots or having teammates killed, but it’s something I’m not prepared for.

The Goal


Despite my complete lack of skill, I’m going to continue my quest. I want to push myself and see if I can become one of the top 500 players on Xbox One in the UK, which would mean that I enter the Apex Predator tier. To get there I’m gong to need to be a much better player, be ruthless, and win almost every match I jump into. I’ll be documenting the journey here on Power up Gaming, so if you want to stay up to date make sure you check back in next week.

Currently I’ve had one win. Hopefully by next week I’ll have a few more under my belt.

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