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I Renovated My Own House, And I Wouldn’t Do It In A Game For Fun


House renovation simulator House Flipper launches on consoles over February 25th and 26th. It’s a game about renovating your own houses, selling them on, and then doing it all again for profit. It’s an awesome concept that many people use to support themselves in real life. In many ways the housing market relies on it. My wife and I bought our house five years ago, gutted it, knocked down a load of walls, and we’re still making changes here and there, but it’s a home.

After that, there’s no way I’d play House Flipper.

Flipping Houses

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to play House Flipper. I love the idea of taking a shell of a house, or even just a normal house that isn’t in rough condition, and building it up to be something more. In real life and in this game there is so much potential to do things with houses, create new spaces where they didn’t exist before, change things around, and generally have a fun time redesigning the home with your vision. However, once you’ve done it in real life, you need a decent break from the process.

My wife and I renovated our house pretty fast, in about four months initially. We knocked all the main walls down on the ground floor to create a great big space that goes from the front to the back, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all being connected. It’s beautiful, and that’s because we’ve put some real love into it. I fondly remember sitting in Homebase, keeping Lucy, the Kitchen Designer, at the computer for about five hours while we used our precise measurements to design our perfect kitchen. It had some funky spacing, so we had loads of fun using our tiny budget to find just the right appliances that would fit. All of that goes without even discussing the two other floors, which we’ve been over a couple of times in the past five years, just because we love DIY.

This is the kind of thing that you do in House Flipper, and I can’t emphasise enough how much fun it all is. Even cleaning out the virtual cupboards of a broken down old bungalow that you just purchased in the game can be satisfying, and it’s that sort of satisfaction that you’ll find a love for if you play the game. I have no intention of putting you off of House Flipper, I think it’s a great game. My issue is that I broke my spirit by renovating a house in real life. Do yourself a favour, stick to House Flipper.

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