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OUTBRK Is The Storm Chasing Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted


OUTBRK is a game that I’ve been keeping an eye on for quite a long time (It’s currently on Kickstarter, and you can check it out here). I’m a big storm chasing nerd, I love the idea, but I’ve got very little experience in the field. I love the movie Twister, but really that’s as far as my experience with tornadoes goes. Living in the UK, where our version of extreme weather is a light dusting of snow, doesn’t help. Now however, we can all get a good taste of this frantic life of storm chasing. Take a look at the trailer below.



OUTBRK doesn’t have a story, at least not yet. The game is a multiplayer storm chasing adventure that takes place in rounds. Players will all be loading into the game’s massive map at the same time, and the simulation of various storms in the map will begin. Real historical storm data has been used to build out the game’s weather patterns, and the technology used to track them in-game is what the creators use when they’re out tracking storms in real life.

Players will need to drive around the map to track down their chosen storm. Along the way you could total your car, crash into a tree, or get stuck in a ditch. In this way, the game is pretty realistic. As you approach the storms it gets even more hazardous though. If you step outside fo your car while in a lightning-prone area, you’ll get hit with a few thousand volts, and lose the game. Similarly, giant hailstones could knock you down, damage your car, or just get in the way of your driving. A tornado might also sweep you up, so watch out for that.

The ultimate goal of each match in OUTBRK is to place some sensors ahead of a tornado, or in the middle of a storm. You also want to take some decent pictures along the way, but you’ll want to escape fast if it looks like you’re in danger. If you die or total your car, you get no points. But, if you manage to end the match with some good photos and data from probes, you’ll earn in-game currency to spend on your car. this might give it a bigger fuel tank, handy because you need to fill up your fuel manually, or it could just give it some sweet neons.



This game has been in development for a fe years now. The creators are taking to Kickstarter to keep that community involved, and stay independent. They want to make the ultimate storm chasing game, and really it already looks like that. What this funding will help them do is make it look even better than it already does.

How’s It Looking?


At the time of writing the campaign has 29 days to go, and is already over 50 percent funding with £9,193 of the required £17,480. I think the fact that it already had a big community has helped, and Kickstarter will help raise awareness to the point that full funding should come by the end of the campaign. The rewards offer no physical items, but they do have some excellent tiers. You can design your own car, get your content on billboards, or just get some sweet customisation options for your ride. I’m really into this game, and I think you will be too if you head over to the page and give it a chance.

Sometimes we write about games that are seeking crowdfunding or have been crowdfunded. If you liked the sound of OUTBRK and want to read about other crowdfunded games, check out our similar articles here.

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  • Neon-S

    Wonderful! Thanks for helps spreading the word!

  • Neon-S

    Wonderful! Thanks for helps spreading the word!