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Are The Free PlayStation Plus Games For March 2020 Any Good?


Sony has revealed the free games with PlayStation Plus for March 2020. Given how each month’s offerings can go from being incredible to awful in just the space of 30 days, we thought we’d start dropping advice about the games being made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.


March 2020

This month your free games with PlayStation Plus are Shadow of the Colossus, the PlayStation 4 remaster, and Sonic Forces. I’ve got an opinion on both of these games, and we’ll get to those. First, I want to point out how we were given a free VR game last month, Firewall. It’s a brilliant PSVR game, but this month we’ve got no offering for Sony’s VR platform. It’s disappointing, but understanding given that there aren’t as many PSVR games to offer for free every month as there are PlayStation 4 games.

Shadow Of The Colossus Remaster

If you played Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 2, then you’ll know what this game is all about. If you didn’t this is a game that’s well worth your time. I won’t spoil the story, but it’s safe to say that this is one of Team Ico’s best games ever made, and the remaster is just as good. You play as a young adventurer who must slay the last remaining colossi, huge beasts the roam the land. Each one is a puzzle that must be solved as well as a battle that must be won. It’s a beautiful story that’s also heartbreaking, something that must be experienced by every PlayStation gamer.

Sonic Forces

This was meant to be the big return for Sonic in games, but it fell flat on its ass. The game stars every character that’s been crammed into the Sonic universe over the last few years, and then lets you create your own character on top of them. It also brings together 2D and 3D Sonic game styles, which I’m a big fan of. Sadly though, the game just isn’t up to the standard that you want it to be. There are plenty of better Sonic games out there, and while this one is fun for someone who enjoys Sonic in general, it’s not worth your time if you’re looking for a really great game.

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