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Beautiful Desolation’s Developers Ned Help From Those Pirating Their Game


Beautiful Desolation is THE BROTHERHOOD’s third game, following Stasis and its prequel Cayne. The game should be sitting at the top of the best-selling games list on Steam, but it isn’t. That’s because most players have chosen to download a pirated copy of the game. Now the developers are reaching out for help, because they’re going to start struggling pretty soon if they don’t get some actual sales.

Pirating To Death

I’ve chatted with quite a few gamers who choose to use pirated versions of games. Some say that they buy a legitimate copy of the game if they enjoy it, but don’t want to spend lots of money on something they may not like. Others justify it as legitimate, which I can’t get my head around at all. Regardless of your views on piracy, it’s hurting a developer right now, so much so that they’re asking the pirates for help.

Over on Twitter THE BROTHERHOOD put out the following tweet.

As you can see, their game is doing great. The issue is that most people appear to have got their copy without paying the developer for it. Obviously this is part of releasing a game these days, it’s something that all developers deal with. But THE BROTHERHOOD is a small company made up of two people, and they can’t afford the ratio of copies paid for versus copies not paid for.

I’ve seen developers reach out to pirates and ask them to not steal copies of their game before. It even pushed some developers to put unique ways of making their games unplayable in if a copy wasn’t purchased legitimately. However, it’s rare that a developer asks the pirates of their game to donate a little bit of money in order for them to keep their doors open.

This is a rare move, but one that I think should be admired. THE BROTHERHOOD isn’t putting out an ‘essential update’ that will break pirated copies of their game, they just want a bit of money to help them stay afloat. If your copy of Beautiful Desolation wasn’t paid for, why not head over to this amnesty page and give the company that provided that game a little something to show your appreciation.

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