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Wastelanders Hits Fallout 76 This April


Wastelanders is the next big update for Fallout 76. We’ve known that’ it was coming for a good long while, but it’s been delayed a couple of times with no actual release date. Now however, we know exactly when the biggest update Fallout 76 has seen to date will hit the game, changing it forever.

NPCs Everywhere

Wastelanders is built around making Fallout 76 a much more PVE-friendly game. When it originally launched there were no NPCs at all, and it was a bit jarring. Soon after launch the got some updates that did add NPCs, but they were more in the form of vendors than anything else. These guys are still the NPCs that we interact with when we play the game, but now there will be new people leaving their vaults and joining us in the Appalachian Wasteland.

The idea behind Wastelanders is that loads more people have now made their way to Appalachia. They’ve set up camps in the locations we’re familiar with, and that means that all of those locations are changing with this update. We’ll be able to see real differences in the game that matter, ones that veteran players are going to love because they remember the old days of Fallout 76.

Now that these NPCs are all around Appalachia, there are also new enemies to contend with. These enemies come in the form of Raiders, those pesky people that have blighted every wasteland in Fallout history. The big difference with the Wastelanders update is that there’s something huge going on with these Raiders. It seems like a big play is being made for Appalachia, and players will be part of the forces pushing back against those trying to take it.

Fallout 76 has been revamped a couple of times since it launched. The game is an MMO at heart, but it has taken a good long while to get to a place where the community is truly happy with what they’re playing. PVP and even a battle royale mode satisfied that competitive itch, but we all really just wanted this to be more of a Fallout game, and that means conversations with NPCs, and choices.

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