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Amnesia: Rebirth Revealed As Frictional Games’ Next Project


For a while now, Frictional Games have been teasing something new. The teasing was coming through random video clips, some of which held cryptic codes in their descriptions, or images within the videos themselves. Most-recently we had a few videos of people exploring a cave, and they were creepy to say the least.

The Big Reveal

Last week however, Frictional Games officially announced the game that all of this teasing was for, Amnesia: Rebirth. For those who don’t know, the Amnesia games were developed by Frictional Games, and now the series is returning in a big way. We have an announcement trailer for this new Amnesia game, and it’s just as creepy as all that teasing proved to be.

Amnesia: Rebirth

The new game is set within The Dark Descent world, as in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s due for release on PC and PlayStation 4 at some point later this year, thought we have no official release date just yet. The game is set to be exactly as horrifying as the original, which launched ten years ago. Players will need to stay calm in the face of absolute horror, meaning that there will be logical answers to some very obscure puzzles as there have been in past releases in the series.

With Amnesia: Rebirth, the new protagonist, Tasi Trianon, must go on a harrowing journey through despair, devastation, personal pain, terror, and push the limits of human resilience. It sounds like a combination of a science experiment, and some kind of occult horror. So far nothing has been said about how the game relates to Frictional Games’ other release, Soma, though it’s likely that they have nothing to do with each other.

While I’m terrified to try this game out, it is a great excuse to finally play the original Amnesia games. I’ve never played any of Frictional Games’ horror entries, but I love a good horror game. If you’re like me, then there’s no excuse to not try out these games before the launch of Amnesia: Rebirth. Until we have a release date that’s confirmed, we have all year to be too scared to try them, let’s not leave it too late.

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