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The Persistence Is Coming To All Platforms


Earlier on this week we got a fantastic new trailer for The Persistence. This trailer didn’t reveal that any new content is on the way, or that a major new update is hitting the PSVR exclusive. Instead, the trailer announced that the game is finally coming to other platforms, namely PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Oculus, and Nintendo Switch. I’m really quite excited to play it on Switch.

Procedurally Generated Horror

The Persistence is one of the best horror games on PSVR, with Resident Evil 7 clearly being the king. In it you play as a clone, a survivor on a ship overrun by madness and evil. You need to navigate the corridors in order to work your way to the ship that will take you down to Earth. The only problem is the horrific creatures that will hunt you down every step of the way. If they catch you, you’re dead, and if you die, the corridors reset.

The rooms you walk through, and the enemies within them, will change with each death, making every run completely new. What won’t change are the resources or blueprints you gather, which will help you craft useful items for distracting and injuring the horrors that hunt you. This is the key to why The Persistence is so brilliant. It feels impossible to move forward, but at the same time you have no choice but to keep going. The game is built to scare you, and yet you can’t stop playing.

Like I mentioned above, this is a PSVR exclusive right now, but it’s coming to more platforms. I’ve been dying to give this game a go on Nintendo Switch, it’s basically built for the system. Now you and I will be able to enjoy the fun of scaring ourselves silly whilst on a commute, or sat under a tree during our lunch break. Once again, I can’t emphasise just how good this game is. The fact that it has been a PSVR exclusive for this entire time is the only reason it hasn’t become more well known.

I can definitely see The Persistence being a big hit on all platforms when it eventually releases for them later this year. Let us know if you’re excited for it in the comments.

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