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Help Will Come Tomorrow Is About Surviving Wilderness And Prejudice


Help Will Come Tomorrow is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, check out the campaign here. It’s a survival game that takes a lot of elements from Gods Will Be Watching, but adds in a revolutionary twist that seems to make for a very intriguing experience.

Survive The Land And The Survivors

The characters in Help Will Come Tomorrow survive a mysterious train wreck in the wake of the October Revolution. As a result, aristocrats, revolutionaries, and those committed to neither side are thrust together in order to survive. This is where the story begins, but really it plays out depending on what the player chooses to do. there are so many different decisions that any outcome could be possible.



The core gameplay sees players choosing where survivors sit, keeping them alive, and working with them to bring everyone together. Food and water are elements of survival, but so too is getting on with the other survivors. If someone doesn’t like the company enough, they’ll leave and try to fend for themselves. That’s what you want to avoid, so divvying up the resources, keeping everyone well rested and warm, and making sure fights don’t break out are all a high priority.

Players can send survivors off into the wilderness in search of more supplies, or other survivors. This can be beneficial, but also dangerous. If a new survivor is dangerous, they might be harmful to the group, but you’ll have to decide what is best for them. The developers have put a lot of work into the psychology of the characters in the game, how they interact with each other, and what will make them easier to deal with, or more difficult.

The area in which survivors live can be upgraded and changed depending on what is needed. Creating something to sit on will make  a character a little warmer, but those resources could have been used elsewhere. Everything is a gamble in this game, and it’s going to be very hard to keep on top of the needs of the group, as well as keeping everyone sane.

How’s It Looking?


At the time of writing the campaign sits at £9,187 of the £8,543 required. It’s got some fantastic rewards, and it’s already lined up to launch for all major platforms, which I love. There’s even a demo you can play right now, and I recommend that you do if you’re even a little curious about it. This game should easily get funded.

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