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How Seasonal Progression Works In DOOM Eternal


The developers working on DOOM Eternal have released a developer diary video explaining just how seasonal progression works in the game. This is something that’s been speculated over a lot, mainly because Bethesda weren’t ready to talk about it, but now we have all the details. Check out the video, and read on for our insights into this refreshing new way of doing seasonal content.

No Buy-In

The first big thing that we need to discuss is the lack of a monetary cost associated to each season. DOOM Eternal’s seasonal progress will follow you through the campaign, and all the multiplayer modes that it has to offer. There isn’t a cost associated with the season pass because these guys don’t want to be part of that scene. DOOM Eternal is an initial expense that you have to make, but after that there’s nothing else that you need to pay.

The rewards you get come in three different packages. While we haven’t seen exactly how those work just yet, we can make a good guess. Each pack has a progress bar associated with it, so I think it’ll be pretty simple. You’ll gain progress towards each pack over the course of the campaign and other modes, and you’ll unlock more of the common boxes, and less of the rare boxes. To unlock more rare boxes, you have to play more, and that will be that. I’ll report back once we have some firm details.

There’s also a great system for Boosters in the game. All you need to do is select someone and give them a like. This will give you a percentage of their XP as they play, which counts towards your seasonal pass progress. It’s in your interest to play more DOOM Eternal, find better players, and like as many of them as you can.

The cosmetics in DOOM Eternal are barmy, and I mean barmy. Seeing the Doom Slayer in the outfits that Bethesda have forced him into is both crushing and brilliant at the same time. I don’t know whether my childhood has been enhanced or destroyed.

This game is looking better and better as we get closer to launch. With so many people being asked to isolate, there really isn’t a better time for it to come out. I suggest picking the game up digitally, because it’s safer, and playing as much as you possibly can over the next week in order to smash this season pass. I can’t wait to see all of the crazy cosmetic madness.

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