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Eldest Souls Is A Timed Nintendo Switch Exclusive Launching In 2020


Eldest Souls is an upcoming boss rush game with pixel art visuals, and it looks tough. To make it a little big more accessible, the game is launching as a timed exclusive on Nintendo Switch. Okay, yes I meant accessible as in you can take it with you anywhere you go, and that doesn’t make it easier. Still, this is the next pixel art soulslike that is going to take fans of the genre by the throat and beat them over the head with the content they crave. I think that being able to take that kind of niche gameplay anywhere you want is incredible.

Just A Hard Place

In Eldest Souls, the old gods have been imprisoned, leaving humanity to prosper. Kingdoms have been built on the forsaken temples of worship, but that’s all changing now. As a final act of defiance, the old gods have unleashed desolation upon the world, turning rivers to sand, and farms to dust. A crusade was sent to finish off the imprisoned gods once and for all, but it vanished. Since they were most likely destroyed, a lone warrior now approaches the gates, looking to slay every single old god once and for all.

This game looks really interesting because it’s less about exploring a world full of challenging enemies, and more about slaying all the bosses. Players will take on boos fight after boss fight, with only time to improve their weapons or abilities in-between. It’s a far more condensed experience than that offered by Dark Souls or Bloodborne, but it also feels as rich and alive as the world of Dead Cells.

Each boss is unique, and has new mechanics that you won’t have seen before. This is similar to most soulslikes, but in Eldest Souls it looks like your tactics really will need to shift for each boss fight. In Dark Souls and Bloodborne there is at least a formula that will work for killing any boss, level up so high that a few hits will kill them, and go in with no regard for your own safety. That isn’t going to work in Eldest Souls, and it’s part of what makes the game so interesting. I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it launches for Switch this summer.

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