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Fights In Tight Spaces Lets You Become Fight Scene Keanu Reeves


Mode 7 has announced a brand new game that looks to put you in the shoes of Keanu Reeves in pretty much every fight scene he’s ever been a part of. Fights in Tight Spaces is a game about exactly what you think it is, fighting multiple enemies, using a lot of skill, in some very tight spaces.

Fight Everyone

The objectives in Fights in Tight Spaces seem to all revolve around reasons that the protagonist in a movie would get into fights. In one scene we have an alleyway, which is obviously the best place for a group of enemies to ambush the plucky hero, right before they get their asses handed to them. We also see a section where you need to protect an ambassador, a typical situation in which a bodyguard would find themselves fighting off a group of assassins quite easily.

The best part about Fights in Tight Spaces is the turn-based combat. The game looks as though it would resemble something like Superhot, with enemies moving slowly until you do, at which point they move as quickly as they would in real time. Instead, Mode 7 has opted for a turn-based approach that uses cards for attacks. This allows players to plan out a battle, as they would do in an RPG, saving certain moves for later. These cards can be upgraded to provide more powerful moves, resulting in a type of deck building that you don’t see very often in games. Instead of acquiring new cards and creating a deck around them, players get to mess around with all the cards and upgrade the ones they find the most useful.

Each level will present players with the opportunity to gain cards. While some of these are beneficial, others can hinder you. If you pick up an injury, that’s going to be a card that you get to play around with, and it won’t be helpful. Furthermore, that card may replace a useful one.

My favourite aspect of Fights in Tight Spaces is the visuals. It looks incredible, even though it’s really quite simplistic. There’s something about the stark contrast between the backgrounds and the characters that makes everything pop. There’s a lot to love here, from the turn-based combat, to the deck building. We’ll keep you updated on the game’s development as it progresses.

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