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Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Mr. Charlie Guide – All 20 Locations


The Resident Evil 3 Remake demo launched last week. With self-isolation being the standard state most of you are probably experiencing, I imagine that you’ve played through this slice of Raccoon City at least once since then. However, were you aware of the Mr. Charlie challenge that Capcom buried in the demo? You need to find them and shoot them, and your progress is carried across multiple demo playthroughs.

There are 20 Mr. Charlie statues hidden around the demo, and it’s down to you to find them all for a reward. DOn’t worry if you haven’t found them all, or if you’re struggling, we’ve got the location for all 20 of them right here.

Mr. Charlie Statue 1 – When you emerge from the train car in Redstone Street Station, look across to the other side of the platform before you leave. There’s a Mr. Charlie next to a pillar.


Mr. Charlie Statue 2 – This Mr. Charlie is in the Subway Station, right before you head under the shutter door that leads outside. Check the table.


Mr. Charlie Statue 3 – In the alley right outside the Subway Station there’s another Mr. Charlie. Look to your right and you’ll see him in the ambulance. As a helpful tip, this is the area in which it’s easiest to get the 25 zombie dodges.


Mr. Charlie Statue 4 – This one’s a bit trickier. First you need to head to the end of the street, to the toy store. Look in the window and aim at the poster of a Mr. Charlie for ten seconds or more. With that done, turn left and look at Moon’s Donuts. There’s a barricade stopping the undead from eating you, but if you look at the bottom of the giant donut you should notice that a Mr. Charlie Statue has spawned.



Mr. Charlie Statue 5 – Head to the nearby fire, speak with Carlos, then aim at the hood of the cop car behind the barricade.


Mr. Charlie Statue 6 – Zombies will bust through the nearby barricade, so head down the stairs. Turn around and look at the bottom of the scaffolding.


Mr. Charlie Statue 7 – Get inside the donut shop, and check the far-right corner of the front counter. Beside the microwave should be a familiar face. don’t forget to grab the useful item in this area.


Mr. Charlie Statue 8 – From Moon’s Donuts, head up the stairs and left. If you head right you’ll be near some electrical boxes. Look on top of one of those boxes, you might see a giant someone in the sky.


Mr. Charlie Statue 9 – This Mr. Charlie requires a construction worker zombie to be triggered before it appears near a Cleaning In Progress sign.


Mr. Charlie Statue 10 – Over the street from the toy store you’ll see a supermarket, which is locked. Use the bolt cutters, which you should have grabbed from Moon’s Donuts, to get in, and find Mr. Charlie by the cash register.


Mr. Charlie Statue 11 – Make your way back to Moon’s Donuts, go up the stairs and turn left. You want to be in the room with a safe on the other side of the upper walkway. Check out the middle shelving area. Also, the code for the safe is Left 9, Right 1, Left 8, you’re welcome.


Mr. Charlie Statue 12 – Head back outside the room, then look up at the train tracks. There’s another Mr. Charlie right there.


Mr. Charlie Statue 13 – Now turn left and look at the top of Moon’s Donuts.


Mr. Charlie Statue 14 – Now head right and go inside the Pharmacy. You want to get to the back, and look at the shelving that’s to the right of the Aqua Cure advertisement.


Mr. Charlie Statue 15 – Now you want to head past Kite Bros, but look for a locked alley that should be on the right. Use those trust bolt cutters once more to get inside, head right to the back, and look at the space between the two vents.


Mr. Charlie Statue 16 – This is the Mr. Charlie that requires you to have managed to achieve 25 perfect dodges. These are easy to work out because they give you a flash and slow down time for a second or so. It can be done before or after Nemesis. With the 25 perfect dodges done, you should see this Mr. Charlie in the police car to your left as you leave Moon’s Donuts back door. The police car door itself should open up and reveal the statue.


Mr. Charlie Statue 17 – This Mr. Charlie is within the Kite Bros Railway, in the shotgun room. The most important thing to know is that you shouldn’t grab the fire hose in this building untl you’re absolutely ready, it triggers certain Tyrants. The room is at the back of Kite Bros, so get there and look left of the two lockers.


Mr. Charlie Statue 18 – For this Mr. Charlie, you need to down Nemesis three times. This is when he drops to one knee and raises his right hand in the air. You can down him by shooting the electrical thing on his chest, hitting him with a grenade, or shooting a red barrel when he’s near one. Once you’ve done this, head to the back way into the Subway Station. There’s a police car near the gate, and its door should open to reveal a statue.


Mr. Charlie Statue 19 – For this Mr. Charlie to appear you need to use the fire hose, then make your way over to the Toy Store police car. There’s an inaccessible zombie around here that you have to kill in order for this statue to appear.


With that done, get back to the Pharmacy and go to the very back. Turn to the left back there and you should activate a zombie. The Mr. Charlie is underneath where it was.


Mr. Charlie Statue 20 – Use the fire hose to put out the fire, then very carefully inch Jill Valentine around the corner. Look up and into the vent. Make sure you shoot this Mr. Charlie before you go too far and end the demo.


Those are the locations of all of the statues in the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo. Thanks to Stevivor for putting in the work. Let us know if you get them all in the comments.

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