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Call Of Duty Warzone Has Some Ridiculous Stats


Twitter is a source of some fantastic stats for games. Not only do developers like to share some interesting looks at their games, but we also have players and members of the press, sometimes community managers, who put numbers out there for us to marvel at. In this piece, I’m looking at the stats for the latest battle royale phenomena, Call of Duty Warzone. The game launched two weeks ago on March 10th, and already we have some great numbers to play with.

30 Million Players

This tweet is a few days old at this point, so we can assume that the player base for the game has risen above 30 million by now. Regardless, at 30 million players, Call of Duty Warzone had attracted more people than the entire population of Nepal, Ghana, and a number of other countries. Only 37 million occupy Canada, so when the game hits 40 million players you know that’s a big number.

30 million people is the defined number of people to transform a city into a megacity. You know a megacity, whether it’s Tokyo, Shanghai, or Jakarta, these are dense places filled with people. Those cities have at least the entire population of Call of Duty Warzone, and it’s mind blowing that so many people are playing a free-to-play game.

To generate 6 million people in 24 hours is also pretty amazing as well. That’s the number of people who gathered in groups around the world to strike over climate change recently, before the coronavirus forced us all into isolation. It would be interesting to see how what the increase in player uptake was like once governments around the world started forcing people to stay indoors and self-isolate. In Italy, there’s more bandwith being used by online gaming traffic than there is being used by actual businesses. It even goes up on update days, which is how you know it’s all about Fortnite.

With the situation being what it is around the world right now, I only expect this number of players to climb over the next two weeks, by more than double. By that point there will be as many players in Call of Duty Warzone as there are people in Italy.

Gaming stats are great, we’ve actually looked at a couple before. If you enjoyed this look at Call of Duty Warzone, check out our article on the player stats for Dying Light, and for Gran Turismo Sport.

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