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Sam Fisher Is Back In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Deep State


Deep State is the latest adventure coming to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The game is getting a lot of updates from Ubisoft in an effort to bring it more in line with what fans want. Chief among those is an immersive mode that will make the game far more about the action than the MMO and RPG elements, but that hasn’t slowed the approach of new in-game events.

Sam Fisher Returns

Deep State will see Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell series return to gaming once again. This time everyone’s favourite agent is heading to Auroa, where he’s apparently out to put a stop to some nasty business before it gets too much and begins to affect the entire world. He doesn’t sound that enthusiastic about fighting drones, unsurprisingly, but that’s okay because players are going to be doing enough of that for him.

The new adventure will launch at the same time as the game’s brand new immersive mode, which also brings a host of other changes that make the game far more accessible. I’ve been excited about this mode for a while, because the game is at its best when you struggling to find your way, and battle the unrelenting forces that surround you. Of course, that all sounds like a Splinter Cell game too, which is clearly why these two events have been combined.

We don’t currently have all the details on just what players will be doing in this mission, but it’s easy to take a guess. Sam Fisher will be somewhere on Auroa, and players will need to get out there, and find him to start the mission. The game will probably have a new small season pass for the event, as it did for the Terminator event, allowing us to earn loads of different cosmetics for the main missions, and smaller daily missions, that we complete.

At this point I’m fairly confident that Ubisoft could just keep having Splinter Cell events and keep fans happy, but eventually they are going to need to give us a new game in the series. For now, there’s no better place to get back into Splinter Cell than Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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